Kowa Binoculars

Kowa binoculars are waterproof, high-end roof prism binoculars with professional-level specifications. The Kowa Genesis binoculars in 8x33, 10x33, 8.5x44, and 10.5x44 and BD-XD binoculars in 8x42 and 10x42 size are perfect for bird watching with light weight, wide fields of view, and 4.9' close focus. Kowa also offers their low cost SV series of light weight models in hunting configurations and their YF series designed for children. You can trust Kowa for excellence.

Genesis XD 8x33
Kowa's Top Mid-sized
List Price: $1,100.00
Your Price: $799.00
Ultra-wide 429' FOV
5.9' Close Focus
List Price: $489.00
Your Price: $449.00
Great for Kids
YF 6x30
List Price: $129.00
Your Price: $119.00

Genesis XD 10.5x44
Top Kowa Bino
List Price: $1,539.00
Your Price: $999.00
Affordable Compacts
4.9' Close Focus
List Price: $110.00
Your Price: $100.00
Ultra-wide 462' FOV
4.25' Close Focus
List Price: $439.00
Your Price: $399.00
BD II XD Binoculars Superwide Fields of View!
Kowa BD II XD binoculars feature wide angle views provided by fluoride-rich Prominar XD objective lenses. They are available in 6.5x32, 8x32, 10x32, 8x42, and 10x42 configurations. They also offer excellent close focus and are very lightweight.
10x32  10x42  6.5x32  8x32 
$399.00 - $449.00
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Genesis-33 Binoculars Mid-sized Best Buy Both models reduced to $799 thru May 31, 2024
Genesis 33 binoculars are Kowa's top-rated mid-sized binoculars, with a 5-ft. minimum close focus and extra low dispersion Prominar XD lenses. Weighing just 21 oz., Kowa Genesis 33 binoculars are made in 8x33 and 10x33 configurations.
10x33  8x33 
$799.00 - $799.00
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Genesis-44 Binoculars Kowa's Top of the Line Full-sized Binoculars Both models reduced to $799 thru May 31, 2024
Genesis 44 binoculars Kowa's premier binocular line, made with Prominar XD objective lenses that dramatically limit chromatic aberration. Made in 8.5x44 and 10.5x44 models, Genesis 44 binoculars have a 5.5-ft. close focus and great depth of field.
10.5x44  8.5x44 
$999.00 - $999.00
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YF II Binoculars Great for kids!
Kowa YF II binoculars are internally the same as the original YF binoculars. The only difference is a change in appearance from black rubber armoring to green to make them consistent with the rest of the Kowa products. They come in 6x30 and 8x30 models.
YF II 6x30  YF II 8x30 
$119.00 - $119.00
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Kowa BD25 binoculars are compact roof prisms designed to be lightweight (just 11 oz.) and easy packing without compromising optical quality. BD25 binoculars close focus to just 6 feet and are perfect for watching nature or sports.
10x25  8x25 
$275.00 - $275.00
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Kowa BD56 XD Prominar Binoculars are available in 8- , 10-, and 12x56 models. Featuring XD lenses for amazing image clarity and extra large Objective lenses for Astronomical purposes. Their wide fields of view and long eye relief live in a rugged magnesium body. Rubber armored, waterproof and nitrogen-purged.
10x56  12x56  8x56 
$599.00 - $599.00
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Kowa Genesis 22mm Prominar XD binoculars have all the features of the larger Genesis binoculars except the size and weight. Prominar XD fluorite glass and a 4.9' close focus make them versatile.
10x22  8x22 
$799.00 - $849.00
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Kowa High Lander 32x82 binoculars are binocular telescopes made for astronomical observation. Made with standard glass or Kowa's fluorite crystal lenses, High Lander binoculars offer superb image quality and exceptional brightness.
32x82 FL 
$5,000.00 - $5,000.00
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Kowa's Landscope binoculars offer a choice for public viewing areas.
$6,250.00 - $6,250.00
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Kowa SV II binoculars incorporate the same quality optics and ergonomics of the previous series in green rubber armor that blends into nature more naturally. They are available in 8x32, 10x32, 8x42, 10x42, 10x50 and 12x50 models.
10x25  10x32  10x42  10x50 
12x50  8x25  8x32  8x42 
$100.00 - $299.00
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Optics4Birding - Kowa Binoculars

Optics4Birding is the leader in providing outdoor enthusiasts, birders, wildlife researchers, and sports fanatics the best optical equipment at some of the most competitive prices on the Web. With our huge selection and incredible prices, it’s no wonder people turn to us for their sport optic needs. Our company carries some of the most trusted names in optics manufacturing – brands that meet our own standards of quality, precision, and innovation.

For years, one of the most popular brands we carry is Kowa Sporting Optics. Kowa binoculars have been the choice of discerning sportspeople and outdoor adventurers due to the company’s incessant drive for precision in everything they manufacture. Kowa binoculars and sport optics are professional grade equipment.

About Kowa Binoculars

Kowa got its start way back in 1894 in Japan. As one of the largest privately-owned corporations in Japan, their products can be found in the healthcare, industrial, and energy fields. The company began manufacturing spotting scopes and binoculars in 1952 and quickly gained a reputation for excellence. Kowa’s optics were used by officials in the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. Kowa sporting optics were introduced to the American market in 1980 when the company established its Kowa Optimed division in Torrance, California.

Kowa is highly regarded among professional outdoorspeople for the incredible precision they offer as well as the ruggedness of the optics, able to withstand abuse in the field. One of the company’s innovations in the field of sporting optics is their use of fluorite crystal lenses that are laboratory-grown in the brand’s own facilities and then handcrafted for the ultimate in brilliant imaging and optical clarity. Their low dispersion properties of the fluorite crystals nearly eliminate color blur and distortion found even in high-quality glass optic lenses. Kowa’s binoculars feature ergonomic shapes and light weight, making them extremely portable for long excursions into the field.

Kowa Binoculars at Optics4Birding

Kowa binoculars have been used by people in the outdoors since the brand first began manufacturing them. They’ve become a trusted choice for some of the most discerning optics users in the world, offering unparalleled clarity and brilliant images, even in their long focal-length models. Laboratory grown fluorite crystal lenses grace the company’s flagship binocular models, but their more budget-oriented binoculars don’t skimp on quality, utilizing extra-low dispersion glass lenses. Proprietary lens coatings improve reflectance of the internal roof prisms, and lightweight magnesium alloy bodies make for lightweight units that are easy to carry for all-day uses.

Kowa produces a number of binocular models in addition to their other sporting optic products like spotting scopes and lenses. Optics4Birding carries wide variety of binocular models from this brand. Here are a few of our favorites from their extensive lineup:

Portability and impressive optical clarity join forces in the compact Kowa BD25 Binoculars, available in 8x25 and 10x25 magnifications. These compact binoculars easily fit into a pocket, purse, or bag, and offer a weight of only 11.3 ounces.

A great choice for kids is the classically-styled Kowa YF II 6x30 Binoculars. This model is made to suit smaller children’s faces, and they look like binoculars of old but with the latest in lens and lens coating technologies aboard. These represent an affordable way to get children involved in outdoor activities like birdwatching.

The Kowa BD56 10x56 Prominar XD Binoculars represent the company’s midrange offerings. This binocular model has 56mm objective lenses, making it suitable for low-light conditions like astronomy or birding on overcast days. Rugged construction and advanced lens coatings help protect the optical quality of these pro-grade binoculars.

One of the most powerful binoculars available, the spare-no-expense Kowa High Lander 32x82 Binoculars feature the company’s flagship fluorite crystal lenses for the ultimate in clarity and image reproduction. An incredible 32x magnification brings distant subjects into rich detail. Interchangeable eyepieces can increase or decrease the magnification, too, making them suitable for wildlife researchers, surveillance, or astronomy.

Business owners can special-order the Kowa Landscope 20x80 Coin Operated Binoculars. These powerful binoculars are mounted to a sturdy pole, allowing visitors to see the sights from a far distance. The units are protected from the elements by industry-leading waterproofing standards and incredible durability. Purchasers can specify the viewing time, currency, and pole height when placing an order for these specialized Kowa binocular units.

Our Commitment to Excellence: The Optics4Birding Difference

The selection, the pricing, and the variety of Kowa binoculars that Optics4Birding carries makes us an industry leader in retail optics sales. We are serious about outdoor activities like birding, wildlife observation, and sporting events, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment at the most competitive prices. We have built our company’s reputation on quality, and that quality is backed by some of the most outstanding customer service in the optics industry. Optics4Birding stands behind every product we sell with our signature no-hassle return policy and our easy-to-use online shopping storefront.

In addition to our selection and service, Optics4Birding proudly offers our customers our exclusive Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any advertised price on the same item. Best of all, most orders ship free!

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