Swift Sport Optics Binoculars

Swift Sport Optics, formerly Swift Instruments, has long been known and respected for their affordable birding and marine binoculars.

Audubon binoculars are Swift's finest and best-known. Designed for the dedicated birders, Swift Audubon binoculars are made with the finest glass and coatings for the best view possible. Swift Audubon binoculars come in 8.5x44 and 8.5x44 ED glass porro prism models as well as an 8.5x44 roof prism design.
$386.99 - $386.99
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Swift Reliant binoculars offer a great compromise between low price and great optical quality. Choose from full-size porro prism models, full size roof prism models and two compacts, a 9x27 roof and a 7-21x25 reverse porro-prism zoom.
8x40 Porro  7-21x25 
$84.99 - $92.99
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Swift SeaHawk binoculars are designed to offer top-level optical performance in the tough working environment of the sea. Swift SeaHawk binoculars are hardy and reliable when and where it matters most.
Sea Hawk 7x50 
$276.99 - $276.99
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The SeaWolf binocular line is Swift's premium marine porro binocular line. This venerable line offers all you need on the ocean with 50-mm objective lenses, BaK-4 prisms and durable design to withstand a lot of punishment.
10x50  7x50 
$506.99 - $519.99
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