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Welcome to the Optics4Birding Scorecard, a unique tool that will help you evaluate up to four binoculars side-by-side, and customize the comparisons based on your own preferences.

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To accomplish this, we have examined eight specifications (eye relief, close focus, weight, field of view, eyecups, weatherproofing, lens coatings, and prism glass & coatings) published by all binocular manufacturers to define the features of each model. We assigned scores to each value for these specifications based on how most knowledgeable birders evaluate them. Finally, we apply an equalization factor based on price class to separate binoculars of unequal quality with the same features and specifications. You will also have the opportunity to decide how important each specification is to you and apply preference factors to personalize your scores. You can save your preference factors in a cookie so you do not have to enter them on subsequent visits.

While surfing around our site, you can click a check box to add that binocular to your scorecard. Due to space limitations, you may only enter up to four binoculars on the scorecard at one time. If you select a fifth binocular, a message will appear giving you the opportunity to remove one of the previous binoculars from the list. You can also go directly to the O4B Scorecard by clicking on the button in the header or the "Run O4B Scorecard" link on every binocular page. Once there, you can change your selections by using the drop-down menu over each of the four binocular columns. See the screen shot above.

To learn more about how each specification is scored and why we made those choices, visit the "How the Scorecard Works page". Otherwise, you can go directly to the Scorecard. We hope you will find the O4B Scorecard a useful tool to assist your binocular selection.

The Optics4Birding Team

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