Zeiss Binoculars

Zeiss binoculars have a long standing position as most-highly valued by birders and naturalists for their astounding clarity and precision. The Zeiss Victory SF binoculars have revolutionary ergonomics, huge fields of view, and 4.9' close focus. Zeiss Victory HT binoculars offer 54mm models that are brighter than most 56mm binos, due to higher light transmission and Abbe Koenig prisms, with superb clarity at an excellent price. Conquest HD and Terra ED binoculars are also winning awards in their respective price classes. See the entire line of Zeiss binoculars.

Smart Focus
List Price: $1,799.99
Your Price: $1,799.99
$200 off all models
Thru 5/15/2024
List Price: $979.99
Your Price: $979.99
Affordable 32mm & 42mm
5.25' Close Focus
List Price: $499.99
Your Price: $499.99

Great ergonomics
Super-wide FOV
List Price: $2,999.99
Your Price: $2,999.99
Top Brightness < 2 Lbs
List Price: $2,899.99
Your Price: $2,899.99
New glass & coatings
Asymmetric Hinge
List Price: $899.99
Your Price: $899.99
Victory SF Binoculars Zeiss's Top Birding Binocular
The Zeiss Victory SF binoculars are the ultimate in a nature watching binoculars. Made with Zeiss' proprietary Ultra-FL glass, Victory SF binoculars are lightweight and ergonomically balanced with the weight towards the ocular end, so they feel lighter than their listed weights. The triple open bridge design leaves room for 3 fingers from both hands between the barrels. Zeiss Victory SF binoculars have unparalleled huge fields of view for both 32mm and 42mm binoculars.
10x32  10x42 Black  8x32  8x42 Black 
$2,499.99 - $2,999.99
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Victory HT Binoculars Zeiss's Brightest Binoculars Ever!
Victory HT is the brightest super-premium binocular in the world, with near 95% light transmission. Available in 8x42, 10x42, 8x54 and 10x54 models. They feature Schott High Transmission glass and a new bridge design that protects the smoothest focus wheel we've seen so far.
10x54  8x54 
$2,899.99 - $2,899.99
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SFL Binoculars Lightweight wonders
Zeiss SFL Binoculars are smaller and lighter than the Victory SF models but are still in the mid-size and full-size categories. They are available in 8x30, 10x30, 8x40 and 10x40 configurations. The 30mm models weigh 16.2 oz. and the 40mm models are 22.6 oz.
10x30  10x40  8x30  8x40 
$1,499.99 - $1,799.99
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Terra ED Binoculars Affordable Zeiss Binos with Great Close Focus
Terra HD binoculars feature the legendary Zeiss quality at an affordable price. With a 5.25-foot close focus, these full-sized roof prism binoculars have Schott premium quality HD glass. Terra HD binoculars have phase-corrected BaK-4 prisms and are nitrogen-purged to be fog- and waterproof.
10x25 Blk  10x25 Gry  10x32 Bk  10x32 Gy 
10x42 Bk  10x42 Gy  10x42 Gn  8x25 Blk 
8x25 Gry  8x32 Bk  8x32 Gy  8x42 Bk 
8x42 Gy  8x42 Gn 
$399.99 - $499.99
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Conquest HD Binoculars $200 Instant Savings on all models thru May 15, 2024
Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars are premium binoculars in a mid-price range. Featuring high-quality HD glass and Zeiss' T* full multi-coating, these lightweight binoculars feel great in the hand and deliver maximum optical performance. Zeiss Conquest HD binoculars are available in 8x and 10x in 32mm, 42mm, and 56mm sizes.
10x32  10x42  10x56  15x56 
8x32  8x42  8x56 
$979.99 - $1,999.99
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Zeiss image-stabilized binoculars are roof prism designs that provide quiet shake-free, hand-held observation at 20x magnification. By compensating for hand-shake, Zeiss Image Stabilization binoculars provide steady views of distant targets in a classic binocular.
20x60 S 
$9,999.99 - $9,999.99
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The Victory Pocket models with 8x or 10x magnification the ideal multipurpose binoculars for observing nature, traveling and hiking, canoeing, mountaineering.
10x25  8x25 
$899.99 - $899.99
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Optics4Birding – Zeiss Binoculars

Established by outdoor enthusiasts who wanted to provide fellow birders and outdoorspeople the best quality and selection of optics, Optics4Birding continually strives to raise the bar in retail optics sales. We specialize in helping birders, sports fans, researchers, and government agencies find the optical equipment they need to enjoy the outdoors or to complete their assignments. We only carry the brands that meet our own standards for quality and precision.

One of the most popular brands we carry is Zeiss. Zeiss binoculars have been dominating the outdoor optical industry for many years, and the company is committed to the very highest levels of quality. Precision lenses and innovative features make this brand truly professional grade.

About Zeiss Binoculars

Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, known simply as Zeiss to the company’s legion of fans, has been producing precision optics since 1846. Over 165 years have gone into the manufacture of sporting optical equipment for hunters, naturists, and outdoor adventurers. The company is based in Oberkochen in southwest Germany, and they keep their sport optics manufacturing in-house to ensure unrivaled precision and the quality other brands simply cannot match.

The company is responsible for producing the world’s first roof prism binoculars, boosting clarity and image reproduction in ways not thought possible. They also set the binocular industry reeling when they began to offer pocket-sized binocular models that were portable, yet produced the same high-quality images the brand’s other optics had built their reputation on. Zeiss’ competitors had to scramble to keep up. Zeiss was also the first company to purge the bodies of their binoculars and riflescopes with dry nitrogen, eliminating the chance of fogging, even in winter temperatures. Zeiss continues to innovate, developing optics that improve light transmission and proprietary lens coatings to offer unbeatable performance in their binoculars and other sporting optics.

Zeiss Binoculars at Optics4Birding

eiss binoculars are known for their pro-level quality, producing bright, crisp images even in poor field conditions. The advanced lens coatings and precision internal optics ensure that light transmission is at the top of the industry. The clarity of the lenses and the binoculars’ ability to produce distortion-free viewing at any distance is what has helped set the company apart from its competitors. Zeiss binoculars are professional quality, and their price reflects the intense manufacturing quality controls built into every product the company makes. When image clarity and precision are a must, professionals like law enforcement agencies, wildlife researchers, big-game hunters, and experienced birdwatchers turn to Zeiss to provide the quality needed to get the job done.

Zeiss produces a dizzying array of binocular models in addition to their spotting scopes, monoculars, and sporting optics. At Optics4Birding, we carry many choices for the discerning outdoor enthusiast. Here are some of our favorites:

Small size doesn’t have to mean inferior performance, and the Zeiss Terra ED 10x42 Binoculars proves that. This model can focus as close as 5.25 feet, and features phase-corrected prisms for sharp image quality. Of course, they are waterproof and fogproof for use even in extreme field conditions.

Somewhat larger in stature and offering enthusiasts some of the most innovative features is the Zeiss Conquest HD 8x42 Binoculars. HD glass transmits up to 90% of light, presenting a bright, clear image that helps reduce eye strain. The proprietary lens coatings shrug off moisture and debris, and the entire unit weighs substantially less than two pounds.

Long range binocular users will love the incredibly powerful Zeiss 20x60 S Image Stabilization Binoculars. 20x magnification brings distant subjects into view, and a mechanical gimbal-mounted erecting system stabilizes the image without need for complex electronics.

Introduced in 2014, the Zeiss Victory SF 8x42 Binoculars have become an instant favorite of birders. In addition to their desirable specifications of 4.9’ close focus, and an astounding 444’ field of view at 1000 yards, the internals of this binocular have been redesigned so the weight is more towards the eyepieces. This makes the binocular feel lighter and puts less strain on the forearms during use. 92% light transmission keeps the images bright and field flattener lenses give images that are sharp from edge to edge.

At the very top of the range is the Zeiss Victory HT 10x54 Binoculars. An impressive 95% light transmission rating and the huge objective lenses produce incredibly sharp, high-contrast images. Their light transmission is so great that many professionals use this model for low-light observation of birds and wildlife species. Despite their size, this model is surprisingly light, yet armored for years of trouble-free use in the field.

These are only a few of the many Zeiss binoculars we carry at Optics4Birding. Take a look at our online storefront for the full lineup of innovative Zeiss products, or call to speak with one of our talented customer service representatives, who can help you select the best optic for your budget and your needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence: The Optics4Birding Difference

The selection, the pricing, and the variety of Zeiss binoculars that Optics4Birding carries makes us an industry leader in retail optics sales. We are serious about outdoor activities like birding, wildlife observation, and sporting events, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment at the most competitive prices. We have built our company’s reputation on quality, and that quality is backed by some of the most outstanding customer service in the optics industry. Optics4Birding stands behind every product we sell with our signature no-hassle return policy and our easy-to-use online shopping storefront.

In addition to our selection and service, Optics4Birding proudly offers our customers our exclusive Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any advertised price on the same item. Best of all, most orders ship free!

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