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Barska binoculars are versatile and appeal to outdoor enthusiasts, but yet meet the demands of serious birders. Barska binoculars feature solid construction roof prism binoculars with BAK-4 prisms, fully coated optics and superior performance they are 100% waterproof and fogproof and come in many designs.

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for EO Rangers
List Price: $625.00
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For Astronomy
Tripod Mountable
List Price: $542.25
Your Price: $252.99
8.2' Close Focus
List Price: $303.65
Your Price: $144.99
Level ED Binoculars Bird-worthy binoculars
All Level ED Binoculars are equipped with extra-low dispersion (ED) and BaK-4 prisms, fully weatherproof a shock-absorbent, and can be mounted on a tripod. Open Bridge models have 6' close focus.
10x42  10x42 Open Bridge  8x32  8x42 Open Bridge 
$229.99 - $313.99
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Barska Air View Binoculars are designed to be light for their size. They come in 10x25, 10x34, and 10x42 configurations. They have BaK-4 prisms, fully multi-coated lenses, and rubber armoring on an aluminum alloy chassis.
10x26 WP  10x34  10x42 
$69.99 - $124.99
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Battalion binoculars are rugged porro prism designs models that are 100% waterproof and fog-proof, all with large 30-mm and 50-mm objective lenses. These binoculars feature fully multi-coated optics, BAK-4 prisms and plenty of magnification.
7x50 Floating  7x50 RF Comp Rubber  8x30 Compass  8x30 
$167.99 - $257.99
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Blackhawk binoculars are a diverse series offering a wide variety of models from compact to full-sized models. All are durable, rubber-armored optics, some available in camouflage. Whatever your need, there's a Blackhawk binocular for you.
10x25  10x42  10x42 MO  12x42 
12x42 MO  8x42 
$51.99 - $135.99
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Barska Colorado Binoculars encompass a variety of budget-minded models from compact to full size in both roof and porro prism designs.
10x25 Pink Porro  10x25 Yellow  10x50  12x25 Yellow 
12x50  20x50  10x25 WP Pink Roof 
$26.99 - $51.99
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Barska Crush binoculars are low cost 10x42 roof prism binoculars available in a variety of colors. They feature BaK-4 prisms, fully multi-coated lenses, and a 6.56' close focus.
10x42 Lt Blue  10x42 Lt Green  10x42 Lt Pink 
$89.99 - $89.99
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Deep Sea marine binoculars are designed for the boating crowd. Heavy-duty rubber armor and O-ring seals help protect against the elements. Deep Sea binoculars have BaK-4 prisms and tethered lens caps.
7x50 RF Comp  7x50 Floating  7x50WP Floating 
$116.99 - $206.99
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Barska Encounter Jumbo Binoculars are made for celestial or terrestrial viewing. Designed for use on tripods, these jumbo binoculars have extra wide objective lenses for maximum light-gathering.
16x70  20-40x100 
$1,287.99 - $2,184.99
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BARSKA’s new Escape series is a complete family of porro prism binoculars designed for all types of outdoor activities. Available in a choice of fixed magnification or zoom, this binocular series has models for nature or astronomical observation.
10-30x60  10x50  20x50  7-20x35 
$46.99 - $77.99
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Floatmaster binoculars eliminate worry about loss in boating accidents. These light, waterproof binoculars float, and perform brilliantly in or out of the water. They are made with BK7 prisms and fully-coated optics.
10x30 Yellow 
$77.99 - $77.99
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Focus Free binoculars don't require any focusing. They feature a wide field of view and fully coated optics, allowing you to see all the action crisp and clear. They are available in compact and full-sized models.
10x50  7x35  9x25 Compact 
$32.99 - $51.99
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All Gladiator astronomical binoculars feature zoom magnification. Capture a panoramic view at low power, target your object, then zoom in to capture the finer details. All come with a tripod adaptor.
10-30x60  12-60x70  20-100x70  20-140x80 
25-125x80  7-21x40 
$51.99 - $275.99
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Barska Gladiator Zoom Binoculars offer quality coated optics for sharp, crisp images along with the flexibility of zoom capability. Gladiator Zoom Binoculars are perfect for outdoor or sporting activities.
10-30x50  10-30x60  8-24x50  9-27x25 
$57.99 - $71.99
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Barska Level binoculars are low cost BK-7 porro prism binoculars with fully multi-coated lenses, lightweight chassis, and wide fields of view.
10-30x50 Zoom  12x60  16x50  7-15x35 Zoom 
$69.99 - $128.99
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Level HD Binoculars come in 8x32, 8x42, and 10x42 models that have HD glass for very high resolution views. They are an excellent combination of high optical quality and durability that are a blast to use in any weather.
Level HD 10x42  Level HD 8x32  Level HD 8x42 
$139.99 - $257.99
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Barska Lucid View Binoculars offer the perfect blend of high optical quality, compact size and low cost. Ideal for outdoor or sporting activities - use them and then put them in your pocket!
10x25  10x42  12x32 BLK  16x32 CAMO 
16x32  16x42  20x32  8x21 
$18.99 - $44.99
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Barska Blueline Opera Glasses feature BK-7 optics and stylish design. Select models include an intrinsic red reading light, a handle or a gold trim necklace. All models come with an elegant leatherette pouch.
Pearl White w/ Necklace and Light  Blueline w/necklace 
$57.99 - $57.99
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Trend Compact Binoculars are contemporary lightweight optics, revamped with an updated modern look. Sleek and stylish, ergonomic with non-slip rubber armoring, Trend binoculars appeal to all ages.
10x25  8x21 
$19.99 - $22.99
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X-Trail Binoculars offer a wide selection of wide-angled, and high-powered large porro prism models. Whether you are in the forest or an arena, have them trail along with you.
10x50  15x70  20x80  30x80 
$44.99 - $159.99
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Barska X-Treme View binoculars feature BaK4 prisms, multi-coated optics and extra wide angle capability. X-Treme View binoculars are stylish, functional and a great bargain at under $100!
10x50 XWA 
$103.99 - $103.99
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