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Night vision systems for bird watching are a reality. We have had superb views through a night vision scope of shorebirds foraging well after it was dark. A lightweight night vision monocular device offers outstanding viewing clarity in the darkest conditions and most are tripod adaptable. Because so many animals are active at night, you might enjoy seeing their behaviors through your own night vision scope or night vision binoculars.Most of our many night vision binoculars come with infrared illuminators to enhance your wildlife viewing. Night vision devices come in many forms: Night vision scope, night vision binoculars, night vision monocular even night vision goggles. Owning your own night vision device can be useful for personal home security, too. Unlike day use optics, most night vision devices use image intensifier tubes and project and magnify an image in a viewfinder. Systems are available in Generation 1, 2, 3 and the latest Generation 4 technology.

View our lines of Night Vision Binoculars, Scopes, Monoculars and Goggles from: ATN; Bushnell; GSCI; ITT; N-Vision; Night Owl; US Night Vision. Law enforcement agencies can contact us for special agency prices.

O4B Favorites

pulsar axion xm30f thermal monocular

Pulsar Axion
Only 8.8 oz
8 Color Palettes
320x240 Sensor

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Top Zeiss DTI

zeiss dti 6/40 thermal monoculars

lenses & battery
Advanced image processing
10x digital zoom

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Popular Gen 3

atn PVS14-3 multi-purpose night vision monoculars

1x Magification
IR illuminator Built-in
Bright light cut-off
Auto Brightness Control

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Thermal Imaging

pulsa axion 2 xg35 thermal monoculars

Records still and video
8 Color Palettes
1024x768 resolution
50Hz refresh rate

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Affordable NexGen

night owl noxm50 5x50 night vision monoculars
List Price: $399.00 Your Price: $269.00 Save: $130.00

Grade Lenses

US Night Vision Auxilliary Lenses
List Price: $549.00 Your Price: $540.00 Save: $9.00

3X military lens
f/1.5 optics mount
High performance telescope

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Mid-priced Goggles

Most Popular

Night Vision Accessories

Night Vision Goggles

PVS7-3 Night Vision Goggles





Night Vision Accessories

Camera Adapters
Head Mounts
IR Illuminators


Once the sun sets, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts pack up their equipment and call it a day. At Optics4Birding, we understand that a lot of people wish to continue their activities after dark – that’s why we are a leader in providing our customers a range of the best night vision scopes available to the consumer.

Night vision optics extend the hours one may enjoy outdoor activities like wildlife watching, hunting, and even security use around the home or farm. As many birders know, many birds such as owls are nocturnal, and these digital night vision scopes allow birdwatchers to observe those animals in their natural habitats well after the sun has gone down.

The Night Vision Scope Brands We Carry

At Optics4Birding, we are proud to offer a variety of night vision scopes for sale from some of the biggest names in the optics manufacturing industry. These scopes range in price from affordable consumer models to pro-grade units suitable for law enforcement and military uses in addition to wildlife research or other nighttime needs. At our company, our staff uses these scopes to enjoy the outdoors, giving them the ability to help recommend the right night vision optic for our customers’ specific needs. We carry night scope brands like:

What Are Night Vision Scopes?

In existence since World War II, night vision equipment falls into two major types: “starlight” scopes that amplify available light, such as from the moon and stars or infrared light sources, usually built into the scope, to illuminate targets, and thermal imaging scopes that detect heat and can distinguish a difference of as little as 1°F.

Night vision devices come in several different forms. The most basic is the monocular – a single set of lenses with a single image intensifier tube. They can be either 1x or have higher magnifications. Goggles are either one 1x monocular with dual eyepieces or two 1x monoculars ganged together for stereoscopic vision. Binoculars are usually goggles with magnifications larger than 1x. Finally, there is the bi-ocular – a single objective lens and image intensifier tube and a viewing device that delivers images to both eyes. Bi-oculars usually have larger magnification. Their purpose is to let both eyes view without the cost of two intensifier tubes.

Starlight Night Vision

While first-generation starlight scopes are affordable for beginner birders, their main drawbacks are the low resolution they provide to the user, and their need for some ambient light to work properly. First-generation starlight scopes are often quite bulky as a result of their design, too. Digital night vision devices fall between generation I and generation II in quality and are priced like generation I. The more-advanced active scopes offer far better resolution, especially when coupled with the superior optic lenses most feature. These scopes are also useful for birders or wildlife researchers in low ambient light conditions, such as on moonless or overcast nights. Optics4Birding offers a wide range of night vision scopes, including affordable consumer-grade monoculars like Gen II binoculars such as the innovative ATN BinoX-4K 4-16x Smart Binoculars, and the advanced PVS14/6015-WPT Multi-purpose Night Vision Monocular Gen 3 White Phosphor Tech or the professional-grade Night Owl NOXM50 5x50 Night Vision Monoculars.

Thermal Imaging Night Vision

Thermal imaging night vision devices are also useable in the daylight. They don’t have image intensifier tubes that will burn out in bright light. Instead they detect very low frequency heat waves and display them in varying colors to indicate temperature levels. As such, they can be used by fire fighters or law enforcement to locate people inside a building or by wildlife observers to locate animals at night. Thermal imagers often have selectable color palettes, digital zoom capability, and recording capability. The image in the viewfinder is an electronic image using an LCD display. Better units have larger displays and faster refresh rates. Because of the cost, most thermal units are monoculars rather than binoculars or goggles.

Our Night Vision Accessories

To get the most out of your night vision scope purchase, Optics4Birding features many useful accessories for the models we carry. Infrared illuminators can extend the visible distance of your night vision device, giving you more range to explore at night. Sturdy cases protect the night vision scopes when traveling or between uses. To add a camera for capturing photographic images from the scope, camera adapters are available in our online store. To mount night vision scopes to a helmet or to wear on your head for comfort and convenience, our selection of head mounts cannot be beat.

The Optics4Birding Difference

The selection, the pricing, and the variety of night vision equipment that Optics4Birding carries makes us an industry leader in retail optics sales. We are serious about outdoor activities like birding, wildlife observation, and sporting events, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment at the most competitive prices. We have built our company’s reputation on quality, and that quality is backed by some of the most outstanding customer service in the optics industry. Optics4Birding stands behind every product we sell with our signature no-hassle return policy and our easy-to-use online shopping storefront.

For law enforcement agencies, we are happy to offer special agency pricing on our night vision equipment. Simply call or contact our customer service experts for help with this special offer.

In addition to our selection and service, Optics4Birding proudly offers our customers our exclusive Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any advertised price from an authorized dealer on the same item. Best of all, most orders ship free!

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