Swarovski Binoculars

Swarovski binoculars give intense sharpness of image and totally natural color reproduction. The Swarovski AX Visio Binocular is the "World's First Smart Binocular" with built-in camera, bird ID, mammal ID, and the ability to direct another person to a specific location. The Swarovski NL Pure binoculars are the perfect birding binoculars, with superb close focus, field of view, and an amazingly wide, flat field, free from linear distortion. Their close focus is 6.6'. The EL Swarovision binoculars have had their close focus lenses removed from the eyepieces, but that improves their light transmission. Swarovski SLC binoculars offer incredible depth of field and excellent brightness. The Swarovski CL Companion binoculars are lightweight, mid-sized binoculars at an affordable price. CL Pocket binoculars have superb views and very long eye relief for their size. True to their name, they fit easily into a shirt or jacket pocket.

Widest Alpha FOV
NL Pure 8x42
List Price: $3,832.00
Your Price: $3,449.00
World's First
Smart Binoculars
List Price: $5,279.00
Your Price: $4,799.00
2nd Generation
Built-In WiFi
List Price: $4,443.00
Your Price: $3,999.00

Lower Price on 42mm ELs
For 2024
List Price: $2,221.00
Your Price: $1,999.00
Improved functionality
Includes rainguard
List Price: $1,054.00
Your Price: $949.00
Lower Price on 15x56
For 2024
List Price: $2,666.00
Your Price: $2,399.00
NL Pure Binoculars Widest fields of view available - Top Birding Binoculars
The NL Pure Binoculars are Swarovski's latest top of the line series. They come in 8x32, 10x32, 8x42, 10x42, and 12x42 models. The NL Pures have the widest field of view available in 42mm binoculars, with an apparent FOV of 70°. Their unique ergonomic shape is designed to make them easy to hold for extended viewing periods.
10x32 G  10x32 O  10x42  12x42 
8x32 O  8x32 G  8x42 
$2,899.00 - $3,549.00
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AX Visio The one we've been waiting for.
The Swarovski AX Visio Smart Binocular is a 10x32 binocular that includes an integrated 13MP camera, Merlin Bird ID, Wildlife ID for mammals (with butterflies and dragonflies to follow), and Swarovski Optik Outdoor App for sharing and direction functions.
$4,799.00 - $4,799.00
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My Junior Binoculars Swarovskis for Kids coming in May 2024
Swarovski My Junior Binoculars are 7x28 models designed for children between the ages of 6 and 14. They are rubber armored, waterproof and nitrogen purged.
Glacier Blue  Jungle Green 
$499.00 - $499.00
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Swarovski CL Companion binoculars are available in 8x30 and 10x30 with either anthracite or green rubber armoring. Lightweight and compact, the CL Companions deliver Swarovski quality without breaking the bank.
10x30 Black Northern  10x30 Black Urban  10x30 Black Wild  10x30 Green Northern 
10x30 Green Urban  10x30 Green Wild  8x30 Black Northern  8x30 Black Wild 
8x30 Black Urban  8x30 Green Northern  8x30 Green Urban  8x30 Green Wild 
$1,449.00 - $1,469.00
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Swarovski CL Curio Binoculars are available in the 7x21 configuration in burnt orange or anthracite rubber armoring. Their size is smaller than the CL Pocket binoculars and they weigh only 8.9 oz.
7x21 Anthracite  7x21 Orange 
$899.00 - $899.00
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Swarovski CL Pocket binoculars are premium 8x25 and 10x25 compact binoculars in black, green, or tan rubber armoring. CL Pocket binoculars have a dual hinge design, folding down ultra compactly. These roof prisms are sealed to be fog- and waterproof, and have long eye relief and a wide field of view.
10x25 An/MO  10x25 An/WN  10x25 Gn/Mt  10x25 Gn/WN 
8x25 An/Mt  8x25 An/WN  8x25 Gn/Mt  8x25 Gn/WN 
$949.00 - $989.00
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EL Swarovision Pro full-sized binoculars are Swarovski's premium binoculars. Innovative neck strap and objective cover connections and other properties make these binoculars some of the world's finest. Available in 8.5x42, 10x42, 10x50 and 12x50 models, EL Swarovision Pro binoculars have incredible image quality: an amazingly flat field and large field of view.
10x42  10x50  12x50  8.5x42 
$1,999.00 - $3,299.00
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Swarovski SLC 15x56 binoculars feature a rugged fog- and waterproof body, wide angle of view, and state-of-the-art coatings make this binocular a traditional favorite. Swarovski SLC binoculars have magnesium frames for maximum durability at minimal weight.
10x56  15x56  8x56 
$2,299.00 - $2,399.00
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Swarovski Traditional binoculars are a line of old school porro-prism designs, central focusing, ergonomically positioned focusing wheel, lightweight and durable. These binoculars are available by Special Order Only.
7x42 MGA Green  7x42-M Bk  8x30W  10x40 Grn 
$1,399.00 - $1,769.00
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Optics4Birding - Swarovski Binoculars

At Optics4Birding, our goal is simple: to provide our customers with the best selection of optics and optic equipment for outdoor activities. We specialize in helping birders, sports fans, wildlife researchers, and others get the equipment they need at the most competitive pricing on the Web, and we only carry brands that meet our standards for quality and innovation.

One of the brands we carry is Swarovski. Swarovski binoculars have been trusted for many years, thanks to their uncompromising quality and continual innovation. The binoculars and other optics made by the company have been crafted with precision from some of the finest lens materials available anywhere.

About Swarovski Binoculars

Swarovski Optik is an Austrian company that has been making quality optics since 1895. Part of the Swarovski Group, this company is split into two major units, one that makes optics and cut lead crystal, and the other that produces industrial cutting and drilling machinery. Their optics are in use with militaries, law enforcement agencies, wildlife researchers, hunters, birders, and sporting enthusiasts around the world. Their name is synonymous with outstanding quality and unrivaled performance.

Swarovski is a family-owned business, and holds as its core value a commitment to the future. The company believes in long-range goals, making sound business moves that will ensure the company’s success well into the next century.

As part of its commitment to quality, Swarovski Optik strives to incorporate many features into the manufacture of their pro-quality and consumer-grade binoculars and other optical devices. The optical lenses are at the heart of the manufacturing process and are made with the precision that many other companies can only dream about. Functionality of the products the company produces is as important as their ergonomics, their design, and the service that stands behind their products. The company produces everything in-house in their Austrian factory, allowing them to rigorously inspect every product that goes out the door to consumers. Swarovski binoculars and monoculars are truly premium grade.

Swarovski Binoculars at Optics4Birding

Swarovski binoculars give intense sharpness of image and totally natural color reproduction. The optical quality is something to behold, providing perfect clarity and distortion-free viewing at any distance. The binoculars made by the brand offer many innovations and time-honored features rolled into durable, trustworthy field equipment. These binoculars are not inexpensive – many casual users might see their prices as exorbitant, but Swarovski is aimed directly at the serious user market, with many professional law enforcement and government agencies relying on the uncompromising performance and optical clarity this brand’s equipment ensures.

Swarovski produces many models of binoculars in addition to its extensive range of other outdoor optics. At Optics4Birding, we carry a range of choices from the brand. Let’s talk about some of our favorites:

For a portable, pocket-size model, the relatively affordable Swarovski CL Pocket 8x25 Binoculars makes a great choice. It is waterproof and fogproof, and the advanced roof prism ensures optimal viewing, even at close focus ranges of as little as 8.2 feet.

Slightly larger but packing a ton of features is the Swarovski CL Companion 10x30 Binoculars. They are designed with an ergonomic shape to be comfortable in the hand for hours of use in the field. Specialized lens coatings offer light transmission ranges in excess of 90%, giving bright, high-contrast images.

Discerning binocular users who demand classical styling and incredible performance will love the special-order only Swarovski Habicht 8x30WM Black Traditional Binoculars. These feature the traditional shape and the supple leather armoring of yesterday’s best binocular brands, yet these are packed with state-of-the-art lenses and coatings. A giant field of view and fully watertight construction make these the right choice for extreme outdoor activities.

Really long-distance subjects like herds of animals, wary birds, or other targets require a long-range optical solution to view clearly. The Swarovski EL 12x50 Swarovision Binoculars are an ideal choice, boasting 12x magnification and a 300-foot field of view at 1000 yards. Proprietary lens coatings and many user-adjustable settings ensure that these pro-grade binoculars have exactly what users are looking for.

These are but a few of the many Swarovski Binocular options we carry. Browse our online shop or speak to one of our talented customer service representatives to help find the Swarovski optic that is perfect for your needs.

Our Commitment to Excellence: The Optics4Birding Difference

The selection, the pricing, and the variety of Swarovski binoculars that Optics4Birding carries makes us an industry leader in retail optics sales. We are serious about outdoor activities like birding, wildlife observation, and sporting events, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment at the most competitive prices. We have built our company’s reputation on quality, and that quality is backed by some of the most outstanding customer service in the optics industry. Optics4Birding stands behind every product we sell with our signature no-hassle return policy and our easy-to-use online shopping storefront.

In addition to our selection and service, Optics4Birding proudly offers our customers our exclusive Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any advertised price on the same item. Best of all, most orders ship free!

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