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At Optics4Birding, we have a huge selection of binoculars to choose from, so people frequently ask "Which binoculars should I buy?" There is no one correct answer, of course, but there are a several factors that affect which binoculars best meet your needs. These factors include who will be using the binoculars, how they will be used, and the conditions under which they will be used. For instance, the best birding binoculars will have different properties than binoculars best suited for stargazing.

Pentax Papilio
Extreme Close Focus

Pentax Papilio II 6.5x21 Binoculars
List Price: $136.25 Your Price: $109.00 Save: $27.25

Unique design allows
Close focus to 19 in
Good for butterflies

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For Kids

celestron nature dx 8x32 binoculars
List Price: $195.95 Your Price: $149.95 Save: $46.00

Wide Field of View
Easy for small hands
And narrow faces
6.5 close focus
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Intermediate Birder's
Best Buy

kowa bd ii 8x42 xd wide angle binoculars
List Price: $489.00 Your Price: $449.00 Save: $40.00

FOV 429' at 1000 yds
5.9' Close Focus
Prominar ED Glass

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Birders' Best Buy

vortex viperhd 10x42 binoculars
List Price: $729.99 Your Price: $499.99 Save: $230.00

New lower price
6.5' Close focus
18mm Eye Relief
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Great Light Transmission

nikon-monarch hg 10x42 binoculars

92% light transmission
Weight 24 oz
Wide FOV for 10x42
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Lifetime Warranty

gpo passion hd 8x42 binoculars
List Price: $1,119.99 Your Price: $999.99 Save: $120.00

19.5 mm Eye Relief
91% light transmission
6.5 close focus
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Leica Noctivid 8x42 Binoculars

6.2' Close focus
HT Glass for Brighter Image
Vivid colors
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Swarovski's Latest
and Greatest

swarovski nl pure 12x42 binoculars
List Price: $3,943.00 Your Price: $3,549.00 Save: $394.00

Super Ergonomic Shape
Ultra-Wide FOV
Innovative Forehead Rest
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Top Birder's

Victory SF 10x42 T* Binoculars (Black)

Innovative Ergonomics
5' Close Focus
360' FOV @ 1000 yds.
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Top-of-line Binocs

top of the line binoculars

Kowa Genesis 8x33
Leica Noctivid
Swarovski NL Pure
Zeiss Victory HT
Zeiss Victory SF

Most Popular






image stabilized

Techno-Stabi 14x40 TS-X 1440

Digital Camera Binoculars

Digital Camera Binoculars


Optics4Birding carries the largest selection of binoculars found anywhere. We’re serious about providing birders, wildlife researchers, sports fans, and outdoor enthusiasts with the equipment they need to get the most out of their activities. We carry the top brands at a range of price points, making our selection the ideal choice for people on a tight budget or those looking for top of the line binoculars.

Binocular Brands We Carry

Optics4Birding offers our customers a wide selection of binoculars, from budget-oriented models to precision optics choices from some of the most respected manufacturers in the binocular industry. Our company staff uses the birdwatching binoculars we offer to enjoy the outdoors, and that gives us a solid understanding of the brands and models we have for sale in our online storefront. We proudly carry brands like:

How Do I Choose Binoculars?

A common question we get from our customers is “Which binoculars should I buy?” With so many choices and so many uses, this is not an easy question to answer. Selecting a pair of birding binoculars is not the same as choosing the right stargazing binoculars. Customers should have an idea of what activities they will use the optics for, the conditions they expect to find out in the field, what features are desired, and the budget one has to spend on optics.

Binoculars are divided into two major types:

Porro prism binoculars – porro prism binoculars use triangular-shaped internal glass prisms to reflect the image twice before exiting the binocular body. These binoculars are less expensive to manufacture than other types, but exhibit great optical qualities for those on tight budgets. Their drawbacks are that they tend to be heavier less durable than other types and harder to waterproof. Good examples are the child-friendly Kowa YF II 6x30 binoculars or the Pentax Papillio II 6.5x21 reverse porro prism binoculars, which are designed for getting close-up views of butterflies and other insects.

Roof prism binoculars – roof prism binoculars use polygon-shaped internal glass prisms where two of the faces meet at a 90-degree angle. For the same optical quality, binoculars equipped with these prisms tend to be substantially lighter and more durable. Roof prisms are found in the most expensive binocular brands and models due to their tendency toward improved optical clarity and image reproduction. Some good examples of more expensive roof prism binoculars include the Zeiss Victory SF 10x42 binoculars or the Swarovski NL Pure 8x42 Binoculars.

Binoculars come with power ratings – or the magnification they possess. The higher the magnification, the more detailed images a user can view. Higher numbers also mean a narrower field of view. Low power binoculars are great for wide viewing areas but at the expense of detail and low light performance.

A specification important to birders, butterfly observers, and dragonfly observers is close focus ability. When you’re looking at small things it helps to get as close as possible. Most birders and all insect viewers prefer binoculars with a close focus around 6 feet or less. An excellent close focus binocular is the Kowa BD II XD 8x32 Prominar Binoculars with a close focus of 4.25 ft.

Another phrase you might hear is “exit pupil”. This is the size of the image at the focusing point of the binocular, and is calculated by dividing the objective lens size by the magnification. Larger exit pupils make it easier to keep the image over your pupils if your hands are shaky or you are on rough water.

There are many other aspects involved in choosing binoculars, such as their waterproofing, the optical coatings, ease of focus, and eye relief or the distance at which the binoculars are designed to be held away from the eye. Longer eye relief models are great for users who wear eyeglasses.

What About Binocular Accessories?

To get the most out of your new binoculars, Optics4Birding carries an impressive selection of binocular accessories. Choose from our range of binocular cases, carrying straps and harnesses, tripod mounts, and miscellaneous accessories like doublers, compass illuminators, and more. Accessories such as these improve carrying comfort and help protect your expensive binoculars from damage during travel.

With our range of accessories, it is easy to choose the equipment you need to keep your binoculars safe and functional for many years of use in the field, on the water, or at the sports park.

The Optics4Birding Difference

No other company offers the selection, the pricing, and the variety of binocular that Optics4Birding carries. We are serious about outdoor activities like birding, wildlife observation, and sporting events, and we are committed to providing our customers with the best equipment at the most competitive prices. Our company has developed a reputation for quality that is backed by some of the most outstanding customer service in the optics industry. Optics4Birding stands behind every product we sell with our signature no-hassle return policy and our easy-to-use online shopping storefront.

In addition to our selection and service, Optics4Birding proudly offers our customers our exclusive Price Guarantee. We will meet or beat any advertised price from an authorized dealer on the same item. Best of all, most orders ship free!

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