Using Binoculars to see at distances

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Polarizing Filters for S250 Binos - 55mm

Fraser Optics Polarizing Filters for S250 Binoculars will help reduce the glare coming off the surface of water or snow. It will also increase contrast and improve color reproduction.

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MeoStar Convertor 2x Doubler
The Meopta MeoStar 2x Doubler connects into the threads of your MeoStar binocular's right eyecup to effectively double the magnification. An 8x binocular becomes a 16x power unit, a 10x turns into a ...
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Forehead Rest for NL Pure
The Swarovski Forehead Rest for NL Pure binoculars is an optional accessory that attaches to the bridge between and slightly above the eyepieces. It is designed to help keep the binocular steady for p ...
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