Carson Optical Hawk Kids Binoculars

Carson Kids Binoculars are a pair of low-magnification optics designed with small hands and beginners in mind. For the youngest kids, the 5x21 Wildcat fixed-focus with its extra-wide 430-foot field of view means that kids won't be frustrated by not being able to find what they're looking for, or with having the object be out-of-focus. For older kids, the 5x30 Hawk provides a brighter image and has an 8-foot minimum close focus to bring your children closer to nature. Either optic makes the perfect gift for the young nature enthusiast, and is ideal for use at sporting events, for birding or other outdoor activities. Both the Hawk 5x30 and the Wildcat 5x21 come with a carrying case, neck strap and cleaning cloth, for under $20.

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