Kowa Spotting Scopes

The Kowa Spotting Scope line offers Kowa's most advanced optical technology and the best materials known. Kowa's TSN-880 (88mm) scopes feature pure fluorite crystal objective lenses and magnesium alloy bodies, making them among the brightest and lightest. Their TSN-770 (77mm) and more compact TSN-660 (66mm) objective lens versions provide outstanding light gathering power, ensuring a bright field of view. Their sharp views and accurate color reproduction qualify these scopes as the dream instrument of every bird watcher.

88mm Fluorite Crystal
List Price: $2,725.00
Your Price: $2,450.00
Outperforms Many 80mm Scopes TSN-773
List Price: $1,850.00
Your Price: $1,600.00
40-96x with TE-11WZ Eyepiece
List Price: $425.00
Your Price: $350.00
TSN-99 Spotting Scopes WOW!! New Kowa Prominar 99mm spotting scopes. Shipping in mid-September.
Kowa TSN-99 Spotting Scopes feature 99mm objective lenses and come in straight and angled bodies only or in kits with the TE-11WZ II zoom eyepieces. Also available is the Kowa TE-80XW fixed 40x eyepiece.
TSN-99A-Kit  TSN-99A  TSN-99S Kit  TSN-99S 
$3,250.00 - $3,999.00
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TSN-880 Spotting Scopes Ultimate Birding Scope
Kowa's TSN-880 spotting scopes feature 88-mm pure fluorite crystal objective elements with advanced coatings in a lightweight magnesium alloy housing. A dual wheel mechanism makes for fast and accurate focusing. TSN-880 scopes can utilize a variety of eyepieces including 25-60x WA zoom, 25x LER and 1.6 Extender.
883 AB ED  TSN-883 Bundle  884 SB ED  TSN-884 Straight Bundle 
$2,450.00 - $3,220.00
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TSN-770 Spotting Scopes Top 77mm Birding Scope
Kowa's TSN-770 spotting scopes feature a 77-mm objective lens, dielectric lens and prism coatings for maximum light transmission, and locking eyepiece mounts for a secure connection. All TSN-770 scopes are made with Kowa's Prominar XD fluorite glass for maximum light throughput. TSN-770 scopes utilize a variety of eyepieces: 20-60x zoom, 25-60x WA zoom, 25x LER and 30x WA.
773 AB ED  TSN-773 Angled Bundle  774 SB ED  TSN-774 Bundle 
$1,600.00 - $2,370.00
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TSN-550 Prominar Spotting Scopes Pure Fluorite Crystal 55mm Scopes
The Kowa TSN-550 spotting scopes feature the same pure fluorite crystal objective lenses as their flagship TSN-880 scopes. The TSN-550s have a permanent eyepiece that zooms from 15x to 45x.
TSN-553  TSN-554 
$1,799.00 - $1,799.00
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The Kowa TSN-500 spotting scopes feature standard glass in a lightweight polycarbonate body. The 20-40x zoom eyepiece is fixed in place and can achieve an 8.2' close focus.
TSN-501  TSN-502 
$349.00 - $349.00
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Kowa TSN-600 series spotting scopes are compact and lightweight 60-mm scopes. Featuring fully multi-coated optics, TSN-600 scopes are completely nitrogen-purged to be fog- and waterproof. Kowa TSN-600 scopes are available in straight and angled models, and a choice of 20-60x zoom, 25-mm LER, 30x WA and 45x WA eyepieces.
601 AB  602 SB 
$500.00 - $500.00
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Kowa TSN-660 spotting scopes are mid-sized scopes with fully multi-coated optics, and with an option of a Prominar ED fluorite objective lens. TSN-660 scopes are completely waterproof, and available in angled or straight configurations. TSN-660 scopes can be purchased with a 20-60x zoom, 25x LER, 30x WA and 45x WA eyepieces.
663M AB  664M  SB 
$1,000.00 - $1,000.00
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The TSN-82SV angled scope features an 82-mm objective lens and fully multi-coated optics. With a durable, lightweight polycarbonate angled body, the TSN-82SV is completely waterproof. The convenience of an angled body configuration makes this scope a favorite among target shooters. This scope uses a wide variety of eyepieces.
$800.00 - $800.00
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