Pentax Eyepieces & Lenses

Pentax has two sets of 1.25" eyepieces for spotting scopes. The XF eyepieces are designed for their PF65 scopes and include two fixed eyepieces and a zoom. The XW eyepieces include fixed and zoom models designed for the PF80 scopes. All Pentax eyepieces are Super Multi-Coated (SMC).

XF Spotting Scope Eyepieces For PF-65ED II Scopes
The XF series eyepieces are Pentax’s highest-quality scope eyepieces for their ED spotting scopes. XF eyepieces are made with ED glass for high-resolution images with less distortion or chromatic aberration. The XF lenses have full-surface multi-coatings for enhanced light transmission. Pentax XF scope eyepieces include: 20-60x zoom and fixed focal length versions at 32.5x and 46x (magnifications apply to PF-65ED II scopes only).
XF12 (32.5x)  XF8.5 (46x)  20-60x Zoom for PF65 
$149.00 - $289.00
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The XW series eyepieces are made for Pentax’s ED spotting scopes. The XW eyepieces are made with ED glass to provide high-resolution images. XW eyepieces are fully multi-coated lenses. The Pentax XW lens series includes fixed focal lengths of 111x, 78x, 55.5x, 39x, 28x and 19.5x or a 16-48x zoom (magnifications apply to PF-65ED II scope only).
20-60x Zoom  XW-10  XW-14  XW-20 
XW-3.5  XW-5  XW-7 
$299.00 - $359.00
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