Swarovski Spotting Scopes

Swarovski spotting scopes are known for putting top optics in very lightweight packages. The 65mm Swarovski scopes are a favorite of birders and hunters who require premium scopes on long treks. Their 80mm scopes are among the top choices for digiscoping, thanks to their easy to use camera adapters. All Swarovski spotting scopes are waterproof, nitrogen purged, and rubber armored for excellent durability.

Choose Your Prism Modular Oculars STX
List Price: $2,999.00
Your Price: $2,699.00
Pick your Objective Modular Objectives 85mm
List Price: $2,110.00
Your Price: $1,899.00
Top Conventional 65mm
ATS 65 Angled
List Price: $2,221.00
Your Price: $1,999.00
ATX and STX Spotting Scope Modules Mix and Match Swarovski Top of the Line Modules
ATX/STX spotting scopes are Swarovski's revolutionary modular scopes. Mix and match the eyepiece/prism modules and objective modules to make a complete scope, or to supplement a combination you already have. Each module is completely fog- and waterproof. Swarovski ATX/STX scopes are superb for digiscoping too.
Interior  ATX  BTX  ME 1.7 
25-60x65 AS  25-60x85 AS  30-70x115 AS  30-70x95 AS 
$499.00 - $5,649.00
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Swarovski ATC-STC are lightweight, compact spotting scopes with integrated 17-40x eyepieces and 56mm objective lenses. ATC (angled) scopes are available in green and orange, while the STC(straight) scopes are only available in green.
ATC Green  ATC Orange  STC 
$2,569.00 - $2,569.00
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Swarovski ATS/STS HD spotting scopes are high-quality scopes featuring either 65- or 80-mm objectives lenses and available in angled or straight models. Featuring premium quality HD glass, the ATS/STS scopes use the 25-50xW and 20-60xS eyepieces, which are purchased separately. ATS/STS scopes are made of aluminum alloy frames and are completely fog- and waterproof.
ATS-65 (Arca Swiss Foot)  ATS-80 (Arca Swiss Foot)  STS-65 (Arca Swiss Foot)  STS-80 (Arca Swiss Foot) 
$1,999.00 - $2,799.00
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Swarovski ATS/STS Spotting Scope Kits include a body (ATS or STS with 65mm or 80mm objective) and an eyepiece (either 20-60x or 25-50x).
ATS 20-60x65  ATS 20-60x80  ATS 25-50x65  ATS 25-50x80 
STS 20-60x65  STS 20-60x80  STS 25-50x65  STS 25-50x80 
$2,668.00 - $3,598.00
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Swarovski STR Spotting Scopes add a ranging reticle (select either MRAD or MOA body when you place your order) to your view for estimating target distance. They are available as body only or as a kit with either the 20-60xS or 25-50xW eyepiece.
20-60x80 MOA  20-60x80 MRAD  25-50x80 MOA  25-50x80 MRAD 
80mm w/ MOA (Arca Swiss Foot)  80mm w/ MRAD (Arca Swiss Foot) 
$4,299.00 - $5,098.00
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