Zeiss DTI 1/19 Thermal Imaging Camera

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Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below. Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below.
The Zeiss DTI 1/19 Thermal Imaging Camera is one of the two entry level DTI models. The choice for wider field of view, its 19mm f/1.0 objective lens has an optical magnification of 1.8x, with a field of view of 720' at 1,000 yards. The DTI 1/19 has a 4x digital zoom range that is adjustable in 0.5x increments, so total magnification goes from 1.8x to 7.2x.

The sensor in the DTI 1/19 is 384x288 px with a sensor pixel pitch of 12 µm. Its Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) is <=35 mK. The image is processed with Zeiss' Zeiss Smart Image Processing (ZSIP) and delivered to a 1280x960 px LCOS display. You focus the incident image (image focus) and the diopter (screen focus) with separate dials. You can view the image in any of 8 color modes and use personalized settings to choose your own default color mode and digital zoom level.

Electronically, the DTI 1/19 has a built-in Lithium-ion battery that has a 6.5 hour life per charge, which is done by USB cable. The USB connection can also be used to download photos and videos or run off of an external power supply. Internal memory is 16 GB. The DTI 1/19 is also 2.4 GHz WiFi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n capable and can provide streaming images to cell phones with the Zeiss Hunting app installed.

The DTI 1 is also available in the DTI 1/25 configuration with 2.5x optical magnification which gives up to 10.0x on digital zoom.

Generation: Digital/Thermal Hybrid
Sensor Resolution (pixels) 384x288 Pixels
Display Resolution (Pixels) 1280x960 Pixels
Frame Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Magnification: 1.8 Optical 1.8-7.2 digital
Objective Dia. 19 mm
Field of View (°): 14 x 10 °
Battery type: Lithium-ion
Battery life: 6.5
Operating Wavelength 12 µm
Thermal Sensitivity <=35 mK @f/1.0
Video Output Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) / USB-C
Product Weight (oz): 12.7 oz.

Included In The Box

ZEISS grants a minimum warranty period of two years from the date of purchase for the ZEISS DTI 3/25 and 3/35 Thermal Imaging Camera. The DTI 3/25 and 3/35 are also eligible to have the warranty extended by one year, for a total of three years, if the buyer registers the product via ZEISS Online Registration within four weeks of the purchase date. Register online at

Zeiss Smart Image Processing

Thermal images are typically dark and have difficulty separating warm temperatures from cool ones, resulting in a low contrast image. You can see this in the "Undesired Image" below. The Zeiss Smart Image Processing (ZSIP) software optimizes the thermal image to improve contrast and distinguishable detail into a "Desired Image".


Color Mode Comparison

All DTI models now have eight available color modes which can be chosen via the menu. Each color mode has advantages over the others, some in contrast, some in lowering eye fatigue, and some in finding the thing you're looking for.


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