Pulsar Night Vision Monoculars

Pulsar night vision monoculars are manufactured with the most demanding users in mind. Built on a mil-spec platform, Pulsar provides advanced night vision products for military, law enforcement & consumer applications. Pulsar strives to provide consumers with the latest innovations in technology with the highest quality.

Helion Thermal Monoculars Pulsar's Flagship Monculars
Pulsar Helion Thermal Monoculars all have 640x480 screen resolution. They come in 22, 32, and 42mm objective sizes. The XQ models have wider angle lenses for better coverage, but fixed lenses, while the XP models have higher magnification and larger sensors for longer distance detection, and interchangeable lenses.
XP50-2 2.5-20x42  XQ38F  XQ50F 
$2,999.97 - $3,999.97
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The Pulsar Axiom Thermal Monoculars are pocket-sized, IPX7 waterproof, with a magnesium alloy body. They are available in 4 different magnifications, each with 4x digital zoom, and some have built-in WiFi.
Key XM22  Key XM30  XM30  XM30S 
$1,199.97 - $2,599.97
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Pulsar Challenger night vision monoculars are available in generation 1+, 2+, and 3 starlight technologies. Some have 1x magnification, and others offer magnification up to 4.5x.
3.5x50 GS NV  4.5x60 GS NV 
$479.97 - $499.97
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