Newcon NVS 7-3AGBW 1x Gen 3 NV Goggles Kits

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The Newcon NVS-7 Gen 3 Bi-ocular can be used with an included head mount, a helmet, or as a handheld device. It features an auto-gated 3rd generation intensifier tube with GaAs photo-cathode and resolution of 64 lp/mm. While the auto-gating of the intensifier allows to improve the tube life and resistance to bright light, the white phosphor technology allows you to view black and white images instead of green and black images. The optical system features a 27.5mm f/1.23 lens, a 1x magnification, a 40° angular field of view, and a 10" minimum focus. If you are training or conducting a mission in very low light conditions, you can use a built-in infrared illuminator to add brightness to your targets. The rugged and durable construction features a waterproof housing that is submersible to 3' for 30 minutes and endures extensive temperature ranges. Also included with this NVD are two AA batteries, a lens cover, a carrying case, and a lens cleaning kit.

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