Newcon NVS-15 Autogated 3rd Gen Goggles w/ Headgear

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The Newcon NVS-15 Autogated 3rd Generation Night Vision Goggles includes a headgear and features two 64 lp/mm high resolution 3rd generation intensifier tubes with GaAs photocathodes. If you are moving through environments with changing infrared lighting conditions and need to adjust brightness of your images, you can use a manual gain control. The optical system features a 27.5mm f/1.17 lens, a 1x magnification, a 40° angular field of view, and a 10" minimum focus. If you are training or conducting a mission in complete darkness with no ambient infrared, you can use a built-in infrared illuminator to illuminate your targets. The included headgear is completely adjustable and connect to this NVD via integrated adapter. Additionally, the binocular features a modular design, where, the two tubes are completely independent entities that are connected by a bridge. Therefore, they can be disconnected and used independently while mounted to a barrel or as handheld devices. Also included with this NVD are headgear, two AA batteries, lens covers, a carry case, and a lens cleaning kit.

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