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Car Window Mount
Barska Car Window Mount. Extremely handy, a perfect mount for your spotting scope or binoculars. Ideal for observation from the comfort of your car/truck.
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Car Window Mount
The Bushnell Car Window Mount is used for securely attaching your spotting scope to the window of your vehicle. Premium fluid head for smooth panning and titling. Tightens securely over car window and ...
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Optics Window Mount 3/8-16 Universal
The Field Optics Research Optics Window Mount 3/8-16 Universal lets you support your camera, binoculars, or small spotting scope on an open car window while you are sitting in the car. Simply place a ...
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243 Car Window Pods
The Manfrotto 243 Car Window Pod is the base attachment of a window mount for a spotting scope or camera. A 482 or 234 head is required to be able to aim the scope/camera.
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Window Mount - Black
With separate locks for the altitude and azimuth axes, the Nikon Car Window Mount provides precise positioning of binoculars, telescopes or cameras. Padded clamp firmly attaches to any car or truck wi ...
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Tree Fixing Screw
The Swarovski tree screw is suitable for all Swarovski telescopes. It will affix to any wooden object, primarily a tree trunk, and includes a ballhead to attach to the screw device itself. You then a ...
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Window Mount
The Swarovski Window mount w/mini ball head features a standard thread for attaching quick release plates, adapters, and optics onto a window for on the move observation.
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Car Window Mount
The Vortex Car Window Mount has a standard 1/4"-20 tripod thread for mounting a camera or sport optic. The Car Window Mount, in turn, will clamp to an automobile's door frame (with the window rolled d ...
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