Steiner 50mm Anti Reflection Device ARD Set

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The Steiner 50mm ARD Anti-Reflection Device is designed to minimize reflections from the objective lenses of 50mm Steiner binoculars. Simply thread the device onto each objective, the honeycomb-shaped film is designed to reduce reflected light without significantly affecting the image quality or light gathering ability of your optics.
• Minimizes the reflective signature of your optic. • Helps to maintain covert posture on the battlefield or in the wilderness. • Acts as a sunshade to reduce glare and stray light from entering your field of view.

Included In The Box

Steiner’s Heritage warranty offers lifetime repair or replacement service on your binoculars and scopes at no charge should it become damaged or defective. It is also fully transferable – from generation to generation. The Heritage warranty is Steiner’s commitment to excellence! No warranty card is supplied and no receipt is required.

For more information, visit or call 888-550-6255.

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