Slik Quick Release Plate 6129

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slik quick release plate 6129

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The Slik Quick Release Plate 6129 is a sliding plate that functions as a balance rail in several Slik tripod heads. The 6129 comes with both 1/4-20 and 3/8" mount screws that can slide along the central slot for proper placement. The slide also has a registration pin for spotting scopes and video cameras to prevent the camera or scope from rotating on the plate. The pin is spring loaded so it will retract if no registration hole is available. Two rubber pads sit on top of the plate to keep the scope of camera from drifting. A coin or screwdriver is required for mounting the plate to the optic.

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SLIK Tripods and accessories carry a three year limited warranty on tripods and a one year limited warranty on heads and accessories. Call Kenko at 1-800-421-1141 for assistance.

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