Slik PRO CF-833 Carbon Fiber Tripod

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slik pro cf 833 carbon fiber tripod

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The Slik PRO CF-833 Carbon Fiber Tripod is the right choice if you're supporting a large spotting scope or camera and long lens, especially if you're going to be in windy conditions and need a more rigid tripod. The PRO CF-833 weighs 3.4 lbs, so it is still quite light, but the strength to weight ratio is significantly higher than an aluminum tripod of the same size. Without a head, the Slik PRO CF-833 stands 67.3" fully extended, 54.5" with the legs extended and the center column down. The leg locks are the twist collar type, but the Anti-Rotational System legs keep the leg sections from rotating inside each other, so the lock is easy and positive. The carbon fiber leg tubes are comprised of 8 layers of interwoven carbon filaments which are then bonded together.

Finish: Black
Material: Carbon Fiber
Column Type Rapid Round
Leg Sections 3
Max. Ht. (col. ext.) 67.3 in.
Max. Ht. (col. ret.) 54.5 in.
Min. Ht. 9.2 in.
Closed Length 23.6 in.
Max. Load 15.4 lbs.
Product Weight (lbs) 3.4 lbs.
Foot Type Rubber
Head Mount 3/8"

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SLIK Tripods and accessories carry a three year limited warranty on tripods and a one year limited warranty on heads and accessories. Call Kenko at 1-800-421-1141 for assistance.

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