SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack

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skywatcher star adventurer 2i pro pack

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SkyWatcher Star Adventurer 2i Pro Pack includes everything you need to use the Star Adventurer tracking platform to convert any tripod with a 3/8"-16 or 1/4"-20 head mount screw into an equatorial mount. For anyone going camping with a spotting scope, this is the perfect device to bring to study the moon, planets, and stars. Just mount the platform in place of the head, align to the North Star, and you're set to follow any celestial body. There is even a setting for tracking fast-moving satellites.

The kit contains the Star Adventurer 2i multi-function equatorial tracking mount with built-in WiFi and polar scope with illuminator, a declination bracket, 3.63 lb mount head weight, latitude (EQ) base, a counterweight kit, and a ball head adapter. The platform contains an automatic shutter release control that can trigger repeated 60-second exposures with a DSLR camera's cable release. It also has a standard ST-4 port for connecting an autoguider with guidescope to the mounting assembly bar.

Product Weight (lbs) 3.6 lbs.
Max. Load 11 lbs.

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