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Scope Accessories Body Caps

Decorative Ring for TSN-880 and TSN-770
The Kowa decorative ring for TSN-880 and TSN-770 series spotting scopes is a ring that fits over the eyepiece mounting bracket and protects the bracket from field damage.
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Rear Body Cover for TSN-880 and TSN-770
This is an end cap that fits over the space where the eyepiece is mounted and protects the optic from damage or dust when no eyepiece is mounted. This end cap fits both TSN-880 and TSN-770 series spot ...
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Eyepiece bayonet cover
The Meopta Eyepiece Bayonet Cover is a replacement part for the cover that comes with Meopta bayonet-mount eyepieces. Use this as a replacement or spare to protect the mount and exposed optical surfac ...
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Spotting scope bayonet cover
The Meopta Spotting Scope Bayonet Cover is an original replacement bayonet-style eyepiece mounts. This protects the mount and exposed optical surfaces when the eyepiece is removed from the scope.
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82mm Objective lens protective cover
This is a replacement Objective Lens Protective Cover for MeoStar Spotting Scopes from Meopta. It fits the 82mm objective lens.
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Eyepiece Attachment Cover for AT/ST 80 and CT 75/85
The Swarovski Eyepiece Attachment Cover for AT/ST 80, CT 75/85 covers the rear end of the scope body with the eyepiece is removed.
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Modular Objective Bayonet Cap
This is the Bayonet Objective Lens Cover for Modular Objectives from Swarovski. It is a replacement cap that fits on the eyepiece, and connects via a quarter turn.
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