Night Vision Devices PVS-7D SFK with HP+ Tube

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night vision devices pvs 7d sfk with hpplus tube

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The Night Vision Devices PVS-7D SFK with HP+ Tube is a PVS-7D High Performance commercial goggle with all the accessories required by Special Forces with the exception of LIF, which is restricted to DOD use. The HP+ image intensifier tube has the same nominal specs as the Ultra MIL Spec but is not MIL Spec rated. 2 AA batteries (included) power the unit for up to 40 hours. The accessories that are included in the Special Forces kit are a Soft Carry Case, Hard Carry and Storage Case, Eyecups, Lens Cap, Neckcord, AA Batteries (2), LIF (for DOD Only), Operators Manual, Lens Paper, Compass Assembly, Headmount Assembly, Helmet Mount MICH (A3256368-2), Carry Strap, Retaining Clip, Demist Shields, Sacrificial Window, Glow Tape Squares Kit (3 ea with velcro backing) and IR Flood/Spot Lens Assembly.

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