Newcon NVS 14-3AG 1x Gen 3 Autogated NV Monocular Kit

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The Newcon NVS 14-3AG Autogated Night Vision monocular has been proven through deployments in conflict zones and by peacekeepers around the world. With Gen 3 image intensifier tubes, minimum, exportable FOM >1600, a manual gain control system, built-in IR illuminator, auto shutoff mechanism, fully MIL-SPEC, as well as being auto-gated and producinh a black & white image rather than the traditional green. Each model can be handheld as well as, weapon, head or helmet mounted. With optional lens attachments that turn either model into a 3x or 5x night vision sight, and a full range of additional accessories, the NVS 14 series is among the world's most versatile night vision devices.

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