Manfrotto 808RC4 3-Way Standard Head w/410PL Quick Release Plate

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Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below. Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below.

The Manfrotto 808RC4 features the new Double Axis Spring System, which consists of a built in 3.31 lbs spring for both the front tilt and side tilt movements. This innovative solution, borrowed from the video industry, helps to move the camera smoothly while framing the picture as it negates some of the camera weight. Moreover it absorbs the shock of bodies and lenses when reaching the end stop of the head movement. Should this feature, in view of the extreme lightness of the camera and lens combination use, disturb the shooting session it is always possible to exclude one or both springs by two separate knobs.

The new handles of the 808RC4 are designed to fit comfortably in your hand even taking into consideration your fingers. Manfrotto also uses a new coating on their quick-release lever that is more durable and scratch resistant than the past levers. The 808RC4 has been equipped with a 410PL type of plate.

Warranty: 2 Years + 3 additional years for online/card product registration.

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