Leica Calonox View Thermal Imaging Monocular

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The Leica Calonox View Thermal Imaging Monocular uses Leica Image Optimization (LIO) to digitally enhance thermal images yielding high contrast, high resolution, images with detailed color gradations. The Calonox View employs a high-end vanadium oxide (VOx) 640x512 pixel sensor with 12µm pixel size and excellent temperature resolution. It can detect a 1.7x0.5 meter target at 3000m, recognize it at 1000m, and identify the subject at 500m.

The base magnification is 2.5x and can zoom up to 10x. Four different color modes (white hot, black hot, red hot, and rainbow) help distinguish details in a variety of contrasts. Photos and videos captured by the Calonox View can be transmitted to a smart phone via WiFi and viewed in either day mode or night mode on using the Calonox View App.

Generation: Digital/Thermal Hybrid
Sensor Resolution (pixels) 640x512 Pixels
Display Resolution (Pixels) 1280x960 Pixels
Frame Refresh Rate 50 Hz
Magnification: 2.5 - 10
Field of View (°): 10.5 x 8.4 °
Battery life: approx. 4 - 5 h
Operating Wavelength 12 µm
Video Output Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz) / USB-C
Product Weight (oz): 24.2 oz.

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Color Palettes

White Hot Color Palette
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Hot White Color Palette

The most commonly used color palette is hot white, where the hottest part of the view is the brightest white. This makes it easiest to find a target but may obscure colder surrounding objects.

Black Hot Color Palette
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Hot Black Color Palette

When seeing the terrain is as important as seeing the target, switching to hot black will show you the most detail in your surroundings. Notice how the bark of the trees and the blades of grass are easy to see.

Monochrome Red Color Palette
Click image to enlarge

Monochrome Red Color Palette

One of the things that can alert your quarry to your presence is when the light exiting the eyepiece lights up your eye for all the world to see. The monochrome red palette minimizes the brightness of the light hitting your face from the eyepiece, keeping you better hidden.

Rainbow Color Palette
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Rainbow Color Palette

The rainbow color palette is used to give more differentiation between various temperatures in the image. The rainbow palette has brighter colors for cool temperatures and deeper colors for higher temperatures. It is good for finding hot spots in electrical equipment, and might work well for locating owls in trees.

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