Electrophysics Astroscope 9350CCD-3PRO-PINNACLE C-Mount & CCD Camera Adapter Pair

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Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below. Free tmA adapter with Swarovski tM35 purchase. See details below.

The AstroScope 9350CCD-3PRO-PINNACLE is a modular night vision system that converts cameras and camcorders into powerful night-time image capture systems. The modular design permits the 9350 to be optimally configured on several camera and camcorder platforms. At the heart of the 9350 is an advanced night vision module that incorporates a state-of-the-art Gen 3 PRO PINNACLE image intensifier tube that transforms dark scenes (below 10-4 lux) into bright, high-resolution images. Because of its excellent low-light performance and its compact and rugged design, the AstroScope 9350 is the perfect accessory for any daylight imaging system. Electrophysics offers a wide range of CIUs and camera specific “adapter pairs” and “camcorder brackets”.

In certain configurations (such as those designed for Canon’s EOS and Nikon’s AF lens mounts), the mechanical and electronic compatibility ensures the seamless integration of CIUs with these existing platforms and their objective lenses. In these configurations, the CIU is powered directly from the camera, and, most camera functions (including lens stabilization) are retained. Electrophysics’ patented approach simplifies camera operation during night-time missions and ensures the transition from day-time to night-time surveillance is without complications. Despite its complexity, configured as such, the AstroScope 9350 requires no set-up, calibration or training. It is easily installed in seconds: remove the host camera’s objective lens, attach the 9350 to the lens mount, re-attach the objective lens to the front of the 9350. You are now ready for night-time photography!

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Included In The Box

  • C-Mount
  • CCD Camera Adapter Pair
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