Using Binoculars to see at distances

Celestron Binocular Accessories Tripod Mounts

Binocular Tripod Adapter (Roof Prism)
One of the thinnest available, this useful adapter attaches to the center hinge of most high quality binoculars, allowing you to mount them to any tripod equipped with a standard 1/4 x 20 mounting bol ...
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RSR Binocular Tripod Adapter - Heavy Duty
The Celestron RSR Binocular Tripod Adapter allows you to mount any tripod-adaptable binocular to a tripod quickly, and securely. For enhanced viewing, the additional RSR (Reflex Sight Rail) attachmen ...
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Binocular Tripod Adapter - Roof/Porro Prism
This Celestron "L" shaped bracket attaches to the center hinge of most binoculars, and mounts to a tripod for added stability and convenience. Works with both roof prism and porro-prism models.
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