Carson Optical HookUpz 2.0 Universal Smart Phone Optics Adapter

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The Carson Optical HookUpz 2.0 Universal Smart Phone Optics Adapter allows you to attach even the largest smart phones to any optical device including spotting scopes, binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and night vision devices. It is easy to position the camera of any smart phone regardless of the position of the camera.

Compatible with all smartphones. For iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max, please download the CarsonCam app from the app store on your smartphone to preselect the primary camera, as it may not function properly with the standard camera app.

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Carson Optical offers No-Fault warranty on Binoculars, and a One-Year limited warranty on battery operated Binoculars. For further information, please refer to the warranty enclosed with products or call the Warranty department @ 1-631-963-5000

Call Carson for a Return Authorization (RA) number to prevent delays, and include your name, address, and telephone number. You will need to provide proof of purchase with a receipt, a check for $15.00 for shipping and handling, and careful packaging to prevent further damages.
You may send your package to:

Carson Warranty Service,
35 Gilpin Ave, Hauppauge,
NY 11788
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Mostly great. Barely fits Swarovski Scope. Plastic
4.0 stars
By Julia
(Eugene, OR)
The Good News: • It's easy to use in principal and is adaptable to about any phone size (I had an iPhone 7 Plus) so you don't have to buy new adapters every time your phone changes. • Once you've got it set up to your scope, it takes fantastic pics and videos. I use it in combination with my Apple Watch which has a camera shutter for super still shots. • It's especially wonderful when I lead monthly bird walks for those who don't have any binoculars or when you want others to be able to see some shore bird way out there. Since a group can gather around the screen, we can have a discussion about what we're seeing... Q&A as we're all seeing the same thing. Pretty cool. • It took me a few outings to learn how to find birds in the scope with this device on. The Not-So-Good News #1: It barely fits onto the eyepiece of my Swarovski scope; it has to be PUSHED ON with more effort than you think it can bear. Although they recommend you don't leave the adapter on your scope, I left it on during the few hours of bird walks thinking that that was less risky / wear and tear than removing it & putting back on every time I wanted to use it. I don't always have time to readjust the phone-adapter - scope alignment even though its still easier, faster & gets vastly better results than without. If the adapter opened 2-3 mm wider, it would be Five-Star GREAT. On the flip side, that tightness meant that I didn't worry about the apdapter & my phone falling off the scope. Well not entirely... keep reading. The Not-So-Good News #2: It's plastic. After about 3-1/2 months, the clip that holds my phone to the adapter snapped off. When I was in the field. Good thing I noticed when it happened right in front of me. I would have thought one of the 4 green pegs would have snapped off first. Good News: Carson has a one-year No-Fault Warranty. They sent me a new unit - no charge. As it is, would I recommend buying it? Well, if you're tired of trying to line up your phone to your scope or binos, and don't want to carry a camera that gives you the capabilities of your phone camera, then yes. Go for it. Or give them feedback to widen the 4 green pegs so they open up a bit wider before you invest a healthy chunk of change on their product. Does it have to be plastic?? And then, keep your wits about you and check that you still have your phone from. time to time. Yes, it's a distraction, but worth it overall.

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