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Using Binoculars to see at distances

Electronics Batteries

Extended Life Battery Pack with Neck Strap Holder
The ATN Extended life Battery Packs with USB cable, cap, and neck strap holder give you up to 15 hours of extended use with your ATN BinoX-HD, OTS-HD, and BinoX-THD binoculars. The rechargeable batte ...
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12-volt Rechargeable Battery
The Moultrie 12-volt Rechargeable Battery adds weeks to the battery life of your wildlife feeder with a sealed, lead-acid design that is safe for outdoor use. Your automatic feeder will operate contin ...
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Camera Battery Box
The Moultrie Camera Battery Box provides an external power source for extending your shooting duration with your Moultrie digital game camera. It consists of a rechargeable 12V, 7000mAh SLA battery, a ...
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