Sightmark PVS-7 Gen. 3 LE Night Vision Goggle

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The Sightmark PVS-7 Gen 3 LE Night Vision Goggle is a mil-spec, versatile NVD designed for tactical professionals. This PVS-7 Bi-Ocular features an ITT Pinnacle intensifier tube, which provides 64 lp/mm resolution and 25:1 signal-to-noise ratio for impeccable performance under nominal conditions. A Bi-Ocular NVD is more comfortable to use than a monocular device during prolonged observations and recon operations. Accompanied with an autogated power supply and minimal imaging artifacts separate the Pinnacle from other Gen 3 tubes. Autogating allows the image intensifier to continuously adjust the voltage applied to its microchannel plate, resulting in optimal image quality, reduced blooming, and extended tube life. Like other Gen 3's, the Pinnacle features Automatic Brightness Control and auto-deactivation circuitry that protects the operator's eyes when the NVD is exposed to excessive brightness. A wide viewing angle and 8" close focus make the PVS-7 well suited to aviation or close-quarter operations. Water-resistance makes this device rugged under tough conditions. An additional Quick Release mount enables hands free operation with headgear, and a built in IR-illuminator enabled pitch dark observation out of the box.

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