Using Binoculars to see at distances

Novagrade Scope Accessories Smart Phone Adapters

Digiscoping Phone Adapter
The Novagrade Novagrade Standard Phone Adapters allow you to attach a regular or large size smart phone and position it so the camera sits perfectly centered over the eyepiece of your spotting scope. ...
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Phone Adapter - Double Gripper
The Novagrade Phone Adapter - Double Gripper adds a second set of grippers to their original Universal Phone Adapter. The extra point of positional control prevents the phone from drifting in the hold ...
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Tablet Adapter
The Novagrade Tablet Adapter connects the camera of most tablets from 7" to 13" to a spotting scope, binocular, or telescope eyepiece. Eyepieces can be anywhere from 1.5" to 2.4" (39mm - 60.75mm) in d ...
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