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Keep your optics in shape! Optical products are valuable. Protect yours with the Nikon Optics Maintenance Kit.


  • Static Whisk - a small brush to sweep dust and small particles from lenses quickly and easily.
  • Precision Cleaning Solution - to remove lens-degrading stains or marks, including residue from water droplets.
  • Tiger Cloth - an anti-static, microfiber cleaning cloth that complements the Static Wisk.
  • Speck Grabber - to pick small bits of dirt and debris from hard-to-reach locations on the lens surface.

Included In The Box

Nikon offers different Warranties depending on the product:
A lifetime limited warranty for all Binoculars or Scopes without electronic components,
A one year warranty for any Binocular or Scope with electronic components,
A five year warranty for newer laser rangefinder models, and
A two year warranty for older laser rangefinder models

This Nikon Product is warranted by Nikon Inc. to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the lifetime of the product from the date of purchase by the original consumer purchaser. The above warranties do not apply to product misuse, accidents, or abnormal use of the product, nor for any batteries, or accessories such as lens caps, straps, and cases.

The current address of Nikon’s service facility can be obtained by calling 1-800-645-6687

You must present the Warranty form - follow the provided link to obtain your Warranty form that is applicable to your Nikon, select without electronic components option, Warranty Form - and together with proof of purchase that includes a receipt of purchase to obtain warranty service.

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