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The National Geographic Earth Explorer 4475 Sling Bag in khaki is a simple, easy-to-use bag for the minimalist. It is rated to hold your mirror-less camera with lens attached plus an extra lens. Or, it can hold your point-shoot camera or even a compact DSLR without an attached lens. This dual pocket bag is zipper activated. One pocket is for your camera gear while the other is for your personals such as a blower brush, notepad, pens or business cards.

The bag is made from a cotton hemp blend with a padded interior. It also contains a removable pouch that is designed to hold an extra lens or, if removed entirely, will create additional space within one pocket. For security, there's a rear flat pocket in which you can store your ID, passport, keys or cash. The value here is that since the pocket is on the rear of the strap it is held against your body where no one can reach it except you.

The bag is carried cross body style and contains an adjustable buckle that will permit you to manipulate the bag to a comfortable carrying position.

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