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The khaki Earth Explorer National Geographic 2300 Slim Shoulder Bag from National Geographic is a slim, vertically designed bag for everyday use that contains features that make it extremely appealing for anyone who needs a bag that holds a small mirrorless camera, camcorder, iPad or netbook. Its slim profile makes for easy carrying in crowds and is less cumbersome than wider designed bags. It's made from a cotton hemp blend and contains a padded interior. The bag will hold your iPad/netbook in a separate padded compartment that will prevent it from being damaged by coming into contact with the other gear within the bag. The interior contains a handy removable, padded insert for your mirrorless camera or small camcorder. A single padded divider helps keep gear separated and also serves to help with organization. Outside, there is a good-sized zippered pocket for your accessories, smart phone, pens or PDA. In addition, there are two more small exterior touch fastened accessory pockets. These pockets can be used for maps, glasses and other quick access items. The bag is carried by its strong shoulder strap or a convenient top grab handle.

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