Using Binoculars to see at distances

Moultrie Cameras Trail Cameras

A-25 Trail Camera
The Moultrie A-25 Trail Camera takes up to 17,000 12 megapixel images on 8 AA batteries (lithium recommended for harsh weather). The A-25 captures wildlife up to 60' away with a 0.7 trigger speed via ...
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A-25i Trail Camera
The Moultrie A-25i Trail Camera is the perfect tool for capturing wildlife discreetly, utilizing iNVISIBLE infrared LED technology to illuminate subjects without projecting any visible light. The A-25 ...
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A-35 Trail Camera
The Moultrie A-35 Trail Camera outperforms most of its counterparts, featuring 32 long range LEDs that illuminate subjects as far as 85 feet away. Any animals that come within 60' of the camera are ca ...
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A-40 Pro Trail Camera
The Moultrie A-40 Pro Trail Camera captures 14 megapixel nighttime wildlife within 70' in just 0.7 seconds using Long Range Infrared technology. Moultrie's Illumi-Night Sensor delivers exceptional bri ...
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Game Spy 2 Plus Trail Camera
The Moultrie Game Spy 2 Plus Trail Camera is an excellent scouting tool for daytime and nighttime wildlife surveillance at an unbeatable price. Capturing images with 9 MP resolution within 50' with a ...
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M-40 Trail Camera
The Moultrie M-40 Trail Camera features a 0.3-second trigger speed for capturing photo and video of high-speed fleeting targets. Daytime and nighttime images come in excellent 16 megapixel resolution ...
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M-40i Trail Camera
The Moultrie M-40i Trail Camera employs 32-LED iNVISIBLE Infrared Flash technology to illuminate wildlife up to 80' away. This system accomplishes everything a trail camera should accomplish without a ...
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M-50 Trail Camera
The Moultrie M-50 Trail Camera takes nighttime photos and video with very impressive quality (20 megapixels and 1080p, respectively). Utilizing a proprietary Illumi-Night 2 Sensor, the camera detects ...
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M-BTi Trail Camera
The Moultrie M-BTi Trail Camera is 14 megapixel, Bluetooth-operated device that inconspicuously captures nighttime wildlife activity, featuring a pine finish to remain unseen among trees and iNVISIBLE ...
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Panoramic 180i Trail Camera
The Moultrie Panoramic 180i Trail Camera uses iNVISIBLE infrared LED technology to capture images and video without alerting the subjects in the incredible 180° field of view. The design includes no m ...
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S-50i Trail Camera
The Moultrie S-50i Trail Camera captures 20 megapixel images and 1080p video with excellent clarity, both at night and during the day. iNVISIBLE infrared LED technology illuminates subjects up to 100' ...
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