Morovision Lens for Thermal-Eye™ 250D - 100 mm

SKU RCA-3193956-0006      CID 20233

Purchase Lens for Thermal-Eye™ 250D - 100 mm

Thermal-Eye™ 250D. Manufactured by L3 – the leading U.S. manufacturer of infrared technology, the Thermal-Eye™ 250D provides unmatched performance at an unbeatable price that's up to 70% less than portable units from other manufacturers. The Thermal-Eye™ 250D is a light weight, portable device featuring high quality image resolution, quiet operation, and extended battery life. Designed for public safety, marine, surveillance and industrial applications, the Thermal-Eye™ 250D is the professional’s choice! This product features: Onboard, Adjustable Position Viewfinder; One-hand, Direct-view Operation; Fixed, Tripod-mount; Remote Video Capable; RS-170 Video Output (RCA Jack); RS-232 Serial Communications Port

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