Morovision Helmet Mount L2 series Ratchet Strap Bracket

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The L2 Ratchet Strap Bracket with Integrated Breakaway Base allows attachment to a variety of ballistic and non-ballistic helmet models, to include PRO-TEC full and half shell. The Front Hook Bracket and Rear Hook with patented Ratchet Cinch Mechanism firmly secures the two together with a non-stretch strap. This NVG Mounting System is unique in that it provides two modes of operation. The first mode allows the Mount to “break away” from the base under a stressed condition, such as when prompted by interference during fast roping, maritime operations, hard impact or when entering or exiting mobility platforms. Without the Wilcox breakaway feature, the potential to induce neck injury is increased. The second mode allows the Universal NVG Mount to securely lock the mount to the base.

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