Minox Monoculars

Minox MinoScope monoculars are like taking a versatile microscope into the field. With their 19" close focus you can examine insects and flowers at great detail or use them at longer distances for normal viewing. They have a bright 8x26 lens, are waterproof/nitrogen purged, and come with a pouch and carabiner for easy attachment to your belt.

The shape, color and intelligent design of this new monocular are directly evocative of the legendary Minox spy cameras, and it embodies the qualities that made Minox famous: ultra compact dimension, first-class workmanship and convenient operation. These compact MD monoculars come in 6x16 and 8x16 models.
$180.00 - $180.00
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Minox MD C/CPW monoculars are 7x42 monoculars waterproof to 9.8 feet. Marine MD monoculars come with either a black or a white finish, while the tactical version is only available in black. All have extendable eyecups.
7x42 Black  7x42 MC C White  7x42 TAC 
$215.00 - $299.00
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The Minox Minoscope is a monocular that acts like a tiny spotting scope and an 8x magnifying glass. The compact Minoscope weighs just 5.3 oz., fits in the palm of your hand and can close-focus to under 14 inches! The Minox Minoscope is waterproof as well as dust- and fog-proof.
8x25 Black  8x25 Chrome 
$235.00 - $255.00
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