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The Lexar 16GB High-Speed Mobile microSDHC memory card allows for faster capture and transfer of media files onto your mobile phone. The card is available in different capacities, and comes with a USB reader and sideload software to easily transfer and manage your files.

  • Quickly capture and transfer files
  • Easily sideload your multimedia includes USB reader and sideload software
  • Store, transfer, and manage your personal videos, music, and photos on your mobile phone
  • Preview, move, and share files with friends, or upload them easily to online social networks like the YouTube website
  • Store up to 5,000 minutes of video; 4,000 songs; or 10,000 photos*
  • 10-year limited warranty for microSDHC card and 1-year limited warranty for USB reader.

NOTE: microSDHC memory cards are only compatible with devices that support the microSDHC format.

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