Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens (35mm)

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The Leica Digiscoping Objective Lens (35mm) is the most versatile digiscoping attachment ever produced by Leica. Now you can digiscope with a Leica APO Televid spotting scope regardless of which interchangeable lens camera you own, as long as there is a T2 adapter for your camera. While the Digiscoping Objective Lens is optimized for APS-C sensors, it will work with any system camera. Focal lengths available with APS-C cameras (1.6x crop factor) range from 775mm to 1550mm, thanks to the Digiscoping Objective Lens's built-in 35mm lens and the 25-50x Aspheric Eyepiece. For other system cameras, divide these numbers by 1.6 and multiply by your camera's crop factor.

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