Kowa TSN-880 Spotting Scopes

The TSN-880 scopes are Kowa’s flagship spotting scope line. Made with a 88mm objective lens that positively delivers more light to the eye than any other 80mm class scope available today, period, the Kowa TSN-880 is also something of an engineering marvel. Even with that big lens, the TSN-880 scopes weigh just 53.6 oz., and are quite compact at 13.0-13.5 inches long. TSN-880 scopes feature a dual focus mechanism with separate focus knobs for coarse or fine adjustment, and a locking mechanism to secure eyepieces in place. Kowa TSN-880 scopes are available in both angled and straight configurations with the PROMINAR fluorite crystal objective lens in angled (TSN-883) or straight (TSN-884) versions. When coupled with Kowa’s fluorite-containing eyepieces, the PROMINAR TSN-880 models provide the brightest and sharpest images possible. Kowa’s digiscoping adapters can rapidly turn any TSN-880 scope into an amazing telephoto lens. All TSN-880 scopes are made with Kowa’s heavy metal-free Eco-Glass process.

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