ITT IR Spot/Flood Lens (PVS-7, MV-14)

SKU ITTA-A3187441      CID 776
Allows the user to focus the diffused IR light source from 40 degrees to 20 degrees and intensify the beam, making it usable beyond 50 meters. Fits MV/PVS-7 Goggles and the MV-14 Ultra Monocular. Applicable to MV/PVS-7 Ultra, MV/PVS-7B, MV-14 Ultra.

Included In The Box

Customer must contact ITT Industries and obtain a Return Authorization Number (RA).

Customer must notify ITT Industries by Phone (540) 563-0371, Fax (540) 362-5701 or by e-mail with the following information relating to items being returned.

-Name of originating Transporter/Freight Carrier
-Airway Waybill/Bill of Lading number
-Date of shipment
-Invoice number and value of shipment
-Quantity of items in shipment
-Number of containers in shipment
-Return Authorization (RA) number
-Serial number of systems/tubes, if applicable.

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