Gitzo Series 2 Two Way Birding Head

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The Gitzo Series 2 Two-Way Birding Pan Head the ideal solution for bird and nature watchers. Many bird watchers currently use tripod heads specifically developed for video or photo equipment, which means the heads tend to be larger, heavier and more complicated than is needed for bird watching. With this in mind, Gitzo has developed the GH2720QR Bird Watching Fluid Head.

This head incorporates Gitzo's innovative Bird Watching Fluid Cartridges to guarantee exceptionally smooth and controlled pans and tilts at very low speed, and almost completely free movement at high speeds required for capturing avian movements. Gitzo's Single Lock System allows for fast, single-handed, easy and secure switching of equipment on and off the tripod; ideal for bird watchers trying to view our fair-feathered friends.

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