Gitzo GC5210 Tripod Shoulder Strap for Series 0-5 Gitzo Tripods

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The Gitzo GC5210 Tripod Shoulder Strap is a “quick-to-use” carrying solution specifically developed to serve most of Gitzo tripods. The strap is adjustable to fit tripods of different sizes and can be left on the tripod while shooting. The connection system is specifically developed to fit old and new Gitzo tripods without compromising on functionality and safety. An additional neoprene pocket is ideal to hold tripod accessories, mobile phones or other small items. The materials used are neoprene and rubberized textile. The comfort of the shoulder strap is enhanced by thick neoprene and a thermoformed structure for additional ventilation. This shoulder strap is ideal for situations where timeframe for a snapshot is short and the time for packing and unpacking the tripod is even less.

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  • GC5210 Tripod Shoulder Strap
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