Fraser Optics Mariner IS Binoculars

Fraser Optics Stedi-Eye 14x40 gyro-stabilized binoculars are perfect for the Navy, Coast Guard, big-game angler, yachtsman, harbor patrolman or industry professional. Stedi-Eye technology enables the user to view people and events from boats, aircraft, or any mobile platform, while removing up to 98% of image motion caused by hand or platform tremor. They boast an 8°/sec. scan rate for excellent tracking without loss of target. The Mariner's fully multi-coated MgFl optics provide a bright, clear image. It is 100% sealed, waterproof, buoyant, and submersible. Mariner eyepieces can be removed and replaced with night vision eyepieces. This binocular is proven to perform in the most extreme conditions. Made in the USA.

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