Electrophysics Astroscope 9350EOS-PV-PRO Variable Gain Adapter Pair for Canon

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Purchase Astroscope 9350EOS-PV-PRO Variable Gain Adapter Pair for Canon

The Electrophysics Astroscope 9350EOS-3V-PRO-P Night Vision Adapter astonishingly can convert your Digital SLR Camera Into a High-Performance Night Vision System. Electrophysics AstroScope is an advanced night vision module that incorporates a state-of-the-art Gen 3 PINNACLE® image intensifier tube that transforms dark scenes (below 10-4 lux) into bright, high-resolution, full frame images with little or no vignetting. The AstroScope 9350EOS-3V-PRO is specifically designed for Canon EOS-type SLR cameras and mounts between the camera body and Canon EOS lenses using the standard Canon bayonet.

Key product features of the Astroscope 9350EOS-3V-PRO-PINNACLE includes the ITT PINNACLE® Image Intensifier Tube - Thin-Filmed/Auto-Gated capable of 64 lp/mm mininum, no Back Focus Adjustment required, no vignetting on most platforms, use high performance Canon lenses and retain lens functions, and have Variable Gain Control for enhanced performance in altering light conditions. The Astroscope 9350EOS-3V-PRO-PINNACLE Night Vision Adapters are user-friendly and draws minimal power directly from the camera (sensitive image intensifier is only energized when the shutter button is depressed, protecting the unit from bright light sources).

Warning: Requires State Department License for export.

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