Cejay Engineering Neptune IR Miliatary ID Beacon

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The Cejay Engineering Neptune™ multi-purpose beacon is a multi function signal light developed to provide the soldier with several ID and illumination tools in one compact package. The Neptune light produces a wide, variable-output, flashing or constant on, visible or infrared signal. In flashing IR mode, the intense brightness of the Neptune’s signal allows it to be used as either an individual or vehicle Combat ID marker. In visible signal mode, the beacon can be used as either a land or water distress signal. The Neptune is available in two different configurations; Blue, Infrared and White (902900), or Red, Infrared and White and white and black. (902901) The Neptune high impact plastic housing and sealed electronics are engineered to withstand harsh environments and chemical exposure. Powered by one CR123A, the Neptune is lightweight, rugged, versatile and submersible to 150 feet making the beacon superbly suited for water to land deployment and special operations applications. Despite its small size, all Neptune functions can be controlled with one hand even when gloved. The Neptune’s signal is turned ON or OFF simply by rotating the battery cap. The single mode selection button allows the user to select light color and move between flashing or constant on signal mode. Brightness level can also be adjusted in constant on mode, making the light useful as either a signaling device or lamp. The Neptune can be attached to PALS webbing, belts, or uniform or wrist mounted with the included wrist strap. Locking Spring Clip included.

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