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The ATN NVM14-WPT Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular is a high-performance, versatile - handheld, head-mounted, helmet-mounted, and weapon-mounted - Night Vision Monocular System that enables activities such as walking, driving, weapon firing, night surveillance, map reading, vehicle maintenance and administering first aid under the cover of darkness. The ATN NVM14-WPT Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monocular is a line of select units based on ATN White Phosphor Technology (WPT) commercially developed for Boating, Camping and other recreational uses. ATN's White Phosphor Technology© provides users with natural B&W Night Vision Image which provides clearer information about contrast, shapes and shadows than the usual green. The majority of the WPT™ performance characteristics are on par or better than the latest Gallium Arsenide based Image Intensifier Tubes. WPT™ specifications include typical resolution of 60 lp/mm (with some over 74lp/mm) and Signal-to-Noise figures as high as 25.

Operators who tested NVM14-WPT units reported a significantly better degree of detail, overall contrast, full-moon similarity and range of shades. WPT™ provides more discriminating shades of intensity between white and black than between green and black resulting in better contrast and depth perception than when compared to green phosphor NVGs.

Note: This product is Not available for export. A signed export compliance and end use statement are required prior to shipping of these units.

Included In The Box

ATN offers a limited lifetime warranty on all products only for manufacturer defects in materials or workmanship from the factory.

This ATN Warranty does not cover a product (a) used in other than its normal and customary manner; (b) subjected to misuse; (c) subjected to alterations, modifications or repairs by the Customer or by any party other than ATN Corp. without prior written consent of ATN Corp.; (d) special order or "close-out" merchandise or merchandise sold "as-is" by either ATN Corp. or the ATN Corp. dealer; or (e) merchandise that has been discontinued by the manufacturer and either parts or replacement units are not available due to reasons beyond the control of ATN Corp.. ATN Corp. shall not be responsible for any defects or damage that in ATN Corp.'s opinion is a result from the mishandling, abuse, misuse, improper storage or improper operation, including use in conjunction with equipment which is electrically or mechanically incompatible with or of inferior quality to the product, as well as failure to maintain the environmental conditions specified by the manufacturer.


  • Multi Purpose Unit
  • Head or helmet mountable for hands-free usage
  • Weapon mountable
  • Auto Brightness Control
  • Bright Light Cut-off
  • Total Darkness Technology with built-in infrared illuminator and flood lens
  • Compatible with most IR lasers
  • Adaptable for use with cameras
  • Ergonomic, simple, easy-to-operate controls
  • Utilizes either a 123A Lithium battery or an AA Alkaline
  • Battery Adapter included
  • Optionally available patented Life Tracker System for measuring hours of operation
  • Waterproof
  • Limited Two-Year Warranty


  • Magnification: 1X
  • Exit Pupil: 14 mm
  • Eye Relief: 25 mm
  • FOV: 40 deg.
  • Resolution: 60-74 lp/mm
  • Range of Focus : 0.25 m to infinity
  • Diopter Adjustment: -6 to +2
  • Power Supply: (1) 3 V lithium, or (1) AA Alkaline
  • Battery Life: 50 hrs
  • Environmental Rating: Waterproof
  • MIL-STD-810: Complies
  • Dimensions: 4.7" x 1.9" x 2.7"
  • Weight: 12 oz. / 0.75 lbs

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